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Get the most out of your Google Ad Grant.

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their Google Ad Grant.

How OpenMoves can help your nonprofit.


Take the right first step with a well executed grant strategy

Our Google Ad Grant experts will develop a custom strategy to effectively leverage your free advertising budget. Components to the your strategy will include, audience analysis and targeting, keyword research and messaging, landing page audits and much more.


Campaign management and performance optimization

Google Grants operates differently than standard search campaigns, having specific restrictions and compliance nuances. We have the know-how to develop campaigns that reach your unique audience and ensure they take action on your landing pages.


Reach your audience and get the highest return on your monthly budget

We focused on your nonprofit’s unique objectives and allocate your budget to grow donations and build awareness around your cause. Our team knows how to get the maximum spend allowed by your Google Grants accounts. Most Google Grants users miss out on the spend they are entitled to due to ineffective management - our team’s priority is to scale your account and grow traffic fast.


Ongoing analysis for continual optimization

Your campaign launch will include different campaigns, keywords, and ads that will be tested, monitored and then optimized to continually improve performance. Our focus is to get the highest value of your Google budget by reaching the highest performing segments of your audience.

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Google Premium
Partners at your side

Our Google Ad experts will provide full-service management of your entire grant campaign and help you stay ahead on complaince regulations, be up to date with the latest features and use your ad budget as efficiently as possible. Our services include:

  • Google Ad Grant applications
  • Paid media strategy unique to your nonprofit
  • Campaign development and creative
  • Full-service campaign management
  • Bidding strategies and optimization
  • Ongoing monitoring and analysis
  • Landing page design, development and CRO

Some of our Google Grant success stories

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Valley Hope

The Valley Hope Foundation collects and provides charitable gifts to support recovery in drug & alcohol addiction with scholarships, programs & equipment....

Valley Hope


We helped Valley Hope raise brand awareness with over 50k monthly pageviews per month to help generate new patients throughout their locations.

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Project Rozana

In 2013, Project Rozana was founded on the premise that we could build bridges between Palestinians and Israelis, while bridging health developments...

Project Rozana


We helped Project Rozana raise over $15,000 in funding with their Google Ads Campaign.

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Brain Tumor Network

Patients Who Have Received Free, Personalized Navigation Services. No cost navigation services for brain cancer. Find answers to your brain tumor questions. Connect...

Brain Tumor Network


We helped Brain Tumor Network support an average of 3 new brain tumor patients per month.

We offer more than just grant help.

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