Quick SEO Fix: Set Your Preferred Domain (Or, URL Canonicalization)


Say your Web site domain is “” If a user enters “” or “” without the “www,” do both work as is? If so, you have a problem.

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Don’t Watch Google – Watch What Google Watches


Are You an Algorithm Chaser? How do you stay on top of SEO best practices today? How do you keep Google – and your readers – happy? Some people are always chasing the algorithm – they follow Google’s patent requests

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Read MoreApril 8, 2011

Are You Blogging Yet? Why Not?


Incredibly, it was BIG news recently that JC Pennywas exposed as having invested in a vast, inauthentic link-building scheme in an attempt to fool Google. Even the Wall Street Journal devoted many articles to the recent Google update. I hope you haven’t missed all this talk but let me summarize the most important point of the update and explain what this has to do with blogging.

Google has made a significant tweak to its algorithm to lower the influence of “content farms” and “link farms” on its ranking. Meaning, once again, in no uncertain terms, Google is trying to make it clear, if it wasn’t already, that it favors sites that have meaningful evidence of relevance, trust, and authority. This means, among other factors, they have natural, real, authentic, unpaid, inbound links from other sites that also have the same.

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The Ugly Side of Link Building


In Saturday’s New York Times, in a piece called The Dirty Little Secrets of Search, J.C. Penny — not a small firm — is outed for buying hundreds of links in an extensive black-hat SEO campaign – which succeeded. For …

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6 Ways to Search Engine Optimize Your YouTube Videos

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Does this sound like you? You got your email campaign cranking and now it’s time to integrate your latest product information video into your latest e-newsletter. So you’ve created a channel on YouTube for your business. You uploaded your logo, added …

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The Yahoo/Microsoft Search Alliance

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As an e-marketer, you might be wondering how the upcoming Yahoo/Microsoft Search Alliance may or may not affect you. Even though you might use Google for all your search needs, your goal is to have visibility on all search engines, so here is …

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