Have you ever clicked on a link in your email or web site and were sent to a PDF page for more information?  We hope you had the latest Adobe plug in and some extra time on hand to wait for the PDF doc to load.

Yes, there is a better way. Introducing OpenPages, the latest in 3D interactive technology. It converts  your PDFs, brochures and catalogs into a page-turning flash book that can be easily accessed online. It allows readers to see and manipulate your brochure, flip through pages as though it was a real book or magazine.

  • Flip the pages
  • Zoom in to read
  • Bookmark items of interest
  • Search on keywords
  • Click on calls to action
Hartke Hartke (B2B)
Product catalog you don’t have to print

  • Capture the gloss online
  • Send via a link
  • Attach to you newsletter and signature
  • Link back o your site
  • Add call-to-action and contact links
August Benefits August Benefits (B2B)
Brochures, presentations and catalogs!

  • Flip and zoom
  • Easy to share
  • Bookmark important pages
  • Link to your web site
  • SEO friendly
Ronen Chen Ronen Chen (B2C)
Great for sexy catalogs!

  • Just flip thru the pages
  • Bookmark your favorites
  • Search and click for more info
  • Link to shopping cart
  • Track monthly readers and locations

It makes browsing PDFs an engaging and slick online experience. Click here to see for yourself: Example OpenPages Digital Catalog