Do you have a first generation website that needs a do-over or maybe you are just launching your first site? Or do you need to add a blog or e-commerce functionality to your current site? Whatever the case, we usually find an affordable solution and if not, there is always therapy.

The first thing to consider in building a website is the process. You need to have a well-defined process and experienced e-marketing people that can guide you through all the options and keep you to the agreed timeline. Otherwise, it will not get done. Wherever you are, Long Island, NY-based OpenMoves’ Web team will be your guide. Here is how we get it done at OpenMoves:

Web Strategy and Design

This is the most important step. What does the website need to do and what is the vision/mission thinking behind it. We are going to extract this information from you and your team and we usually don’t need Novocain.
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CMS Platform

Your web site will utilize a customized WordPress, Joomla or E-commerce content management system (CMS) depending on the your specific needs. So you are joined by millions other users that update their web site. Strength in numbers.
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Blogs are great to interact with your readers and great for SEO. We’ll help you strategize and create your blog and train you on how to use it effectively to keep your web site dynamic and to make nice with Google. Google loves to eat blogs and we’ll show you some good recipes.
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Web Content

Content is the most challenging part of any web project. It’s all in your head and you need it organized and in English. Our copywriters will interview, research and write it. This can be an outsourcing dream if the fit is right.
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Hosting and Security

Once your site is built, we have a secure home for it and our packages include web site updating, free CMS platform upgrades (we-do) and email hosting as well.
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At the end of the day, your website is where it all starts and ends. Building a good website is hard work as it forces dormant issues to the surface and requires a re-examination of your business. It may even split your team on strategic and creative issues. This is where you need an experienced and proactive partner armed with a process to lead the way and take some of the burden. Contact us today for a painless review of your needs.

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