We are an e-marketing company ready to help your business grow and stand out from the herd. Our email marketing platform, search engine marketing (SEM), social media and strategic marketing are all powered by a team of top programmers, designers, editors and marketing pros handpicked for their excellence with technology, creative and people.

Together the two partners, Ronen and Amir, have extensive business experience that ranges from running start-ups to working within every stage of business development. While their years of combined business experience admittedly now outnumber the collective hairs remaining on their heads, they would rather think of this as a reflection of their capacity to butt heads with the best of them.

Taken as a whole, the OpenMoves team is a fun, tight knit group coming from all walks of life, bringing with them all sorts of interesting, even award-winning work histories – both business to business and business to consumer.


Our Thinking

Our mission is to bring big business thinking and tools to the small business marketplace at affordable prices. E-marketing is the great equalizer, enabling a startup to appear as sophisticated as a fortune 500 company.

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The OpenMovers come from all walks of life to bring together a wonderful mix of experience and talent. We have experts in: publishing, programming, robotics, software development, biz-development, lead generation, e-commerce, music, direct marketing, and international dealings. We all believe that by being diverse, nimble and committed, we can give the small businesses an edge using online marketing tools that a few years ago only big business could afford.

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We strive to be a driving force for positive global change through donations of e-marketing services and revenue to non-profit organizations worldwide. We are happy to share our expertise in promoting group awareness, raising funds and building online communities to help further the impact of such efforts.

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In life, when one door closes another one opens. When CMP media was acquired in 2000, Ronen Yaari found himself without a job along with the rest of his online publishing team. Instead of rushing to find the next paycheck, he decided to create OpenMoves and leverage his team’s vast range of experience creating web sites and e-newsletters for CMP’s largest technology vendors (Microsoft, HP, Dell, etc). As his focus, he chose the small market business (SMB).
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Meet Moo

Meet OpenMoo, our beloved mascot. She’s in charge of wandering across the digital range and making sure that everything is as it should be. Her orange, continent-shaped-spots make her stand out from the herd! She’s easy to find and remember – just the way we like to see our clients 😉

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