Cart & Browse Abandonment

Every visitor counts. Increase sales, leads, and donations by 10-20% with the OM3 LassoBack extension. Highly automated, personalized emails coupled with a reporting dashboard enable you to make more money while you sleep.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Did you know that more than 60% of site visitors abandon their shopping carts? Recover up to 20% of lost sales by tracking abandoners and sending them automated 1:1 emails that remind them to return to their cart and complete a purchase. Send real-time personalized emails that include the products left in the cart along with recommended products.


Email Marketing

Browse Abandonment

85% of visitors are interested in your products and services but are not ready to buy just yet. With a browse-abandonment strategy in place, you can recapture interested visitors while they’re still considering your offer resulting in an average 4% increase in sales. We’ll send browsers email reminders of the products or services they viewed and bring them back to the site to convert.

Lead Abandonment

Lead Abandonment

Did you know that 30-50% of visitors leave long forms incomplete? [RFID case study] Reengage with prospects who browsed your site for a service or a product and did not complete a form — and increase conversions while you sleep.

Donation Abandonment

Donation Abandonment

Trying to increase donations for your cause? We’ll track those would-be donors who started the donation process but left before entering their credit-card information. We’ll remind them of your cause and increase your donations by more than 15%. [Autism Now case study]

Analytics Dashboard

View your sales funnel for total prospects, potential revenue, and total sales abandoned and recovered. Drill down to view direct recoveries, assisted recoveries, and resulting sales. Use collected data such as most-abandoned products and recoveries to optimize site messaging. Or see which form fields have the highest abandonment rate so you can tweak the form.

Email Personalization

Personalized emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates. We’ll personalize your emails in two ways — timing via triggered emails and personalized content. Each email is targeted to a specific visitor and is populated with personalized content, including abandoned product or browsed details and recommendations.

We Do It For You

We Do It For You

Each campaign starts with a strategy call to understand your goals and define abandonment, recoveries, and key metrics. We then recommend a strategy that covers frequency of emails, timing, content, calls to action, recommended products, and more. Lastly, we’ll create personalized, eye-grabbing, mobile-friendly emails and set the automated-recovery-email sequence at per-scheduled frequency to maximize conversions.

LassoBack Works with Most Website Platforms

Want better results? Send automated 1:1 personalized emails based on name, gender, demographics, website visits, product interest, and purchase behavior. Using Dynamic Content, simply define your business rules, create personalized content snippets, and we’ll deliver a personalized email experience to every subscriber.