Yep, OM3 is not a $15/month email marketing platform, but it’s powerful and affordable and comes with our renowned strategy and design services. This enterprise level platform has all the features to launch sophisticated campaigns and is backed by our team of experts that will provide free strategy and production services as needed.

Enterprise Platform That’s Easy To Use

Email Strategy & Creative Services

  • Every email project begins with an email strategy session and every strategy session begins with key questions
  • Establish key goals within the context of your business
  • Mock up and wire frame your e-newsletter or e-blast
  • Customize off-the-shelf template from our library as a start
  • Code your templates and organize your email database
  • Design a matching landing page for events or e-commerce
  • Create triggers and personalize your emails

Email Production Services

  • I-do – self service with direct access to the platform and award-winning support desk
  • We-do – you provide us the content and we do the rest
  • Honey-do – we’ll do it all: write, design deploy, and report
  • List cleanup – we’ll weed out your tired addresses and ensure your list is squeaky clean and ready to score deliverability points
  • Maximize deliverability with a custom authenticated email domain. We’ll register and authenticate your domain, set up SPF records and domain keys and you’ll be DMARC compatible.