ROI- Focused Paid Search

We are a Premier Google Partner focused on SMB firms that need to launch or improve their PPC campaigns. We are fanatically focused on ROI and attribution to generate the highest number of conversions at the lowest cost.  We will tailor a PPC strategy that fits your budget and goals across Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Amazon and other relevant channels.

Research and Account Setup

  • Understand your business, value proposition and sales processes to tailor a PPC campaign for your busienss
  • Understand your market, track your competitors’ keywords, ads, and landing pages, and build a campaign informed by real-time competitive analysis.
  • Recommended PPC strategy and budget
  • Setup or optimize PPC account ( Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Amazon)
  • Conversion tracking for your Web site and landing pages to measure traffic and conversions

Keywords Generation and Ad Optimization

  • Target the right demographics with the right Paid Search campaign
  • KW into optimized campaign structure and categorized ad groups
  • Write new, customized ads for each ad group of keywords
  • Ongoing bid optimization for CPC, CPA, and CPM as required
  • Create and manage content targeted campaigns on other sites
  • Ongoing 0ptimization of budget and bids

Remarketing to Your Visitors

  • Reach browsers that have previously visited your web site (Learn More)
  • Track visitors and follow with dynamic 1:1 messages to stay top-of–mind
  • Select strategy  for your products or services, B2B or B2C
  • Design banner ads Google Display and other channels
  • Implement, monitor, and optimize the  campaign continuously

Converting Landing Pages

  • Don’t send your visitors to a generic home page
  • Optimize landing pages for maximum conversions with succinct landing pages that mirror the ads
  • A/B testing to evaluate best converting  page
  • Multi Variant Testing (MVT) to test where elements of a  page (hero image, promotion…)

Monthly Executive Reports

  • Monthly reporting on traffic, clicks, campaigns, conversions, etc…
  • Your goal is our goal: maximize conversions at the lowest cost
  • Comparison reports to progress month to month and year to year
  • Recommendations for other lead generating activities
  • Monthly calls  to review results and discuss next steps