Performance Driven Paid Search

Expand your reach quickly, balancing cost and timing. We’ll craft a campaign for you and your market and get you guaranteed visibility without the guesswork. We are focused on SMB firms that need to launch or improve their PPC campaigns for e-commerce or lead-gen. We are fanatically focused on ROI and attribution to generate the highest number of conversions at the lowest cost.  We will tailor a PPC strategy that fits your budget and goals across Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Amazon and other relevant channels.

Research and Account Setup

  • Understand your business, value proposition and sales processes to tailor a PPC campaign for your business
  • Understand your market, track your competitors’ keywords, ads, and landing pages, and build a campaign informed by real-time competitive analysis.
  • Recommended PPC strategy and budget
  • Setup or optimize PPC account ( Facebook, Google Adwords, Bing, Instagram, Amazon)
  • Conversion tracking for your Web site and landing pages to measure traffic and conversions

Campaigns and Optimization

  • Target the right demographics with the right Paid Search and Paid Social campaigns
  • KW into optimized campaign structure and categorized ad groups
  • Create customized ads for each ad group and test, test, test
  • Ongoing bid optimization for CPC, CPA, and ROAS, as required
  • Leverage Video assets on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram channels
  • Ongoing 0ptimization and scale based on agreed KPIs

Remarketing to Your Visitors

  • Reach browsers that have previously visited your web site on Google and Facebook
  • Leverage Facebook’s Custom Audiences and display relevant Facebook ads to audiences similar to your customers directly in their feed.
  • Track visitors and follow with dynamic 1:1 messages
  • Create engaging banner ads for Google Display and social channels
  • Implement, monitor, and optimize the  campaign continuously

Converting Landing Pages

  • Don’t send your visitors to a generic home page
  • Optimize landing pages for maximum conversions with succinct landing pages that mirror the ads
  • A/B testing to evaluate best converting  page
  • Multi Variant Testing (MVT) to test where elements of a  page (hero image, promotion…)

Monthly Executive Reports

  • Monthly reporting on traffic, clicks, campaigns, conversions, etc…
  • Your goal is our goal: maximize conversions at the lowest cost
  • Comparison reports to progress month to month and year to year
  • Recommendations for other lead generating activities
  • Monthly calls to review results and discuss next steps