Landing Page Services

With the right strategy and execution, landing pages will become conversion machines turning browsers into clients. Our landing page projects start with a kickoff strategy meeting (online or in person) between your team and ours. During this call we try to “get” the pulse of your business, how you market and sell, the value proposition, and specifically what is the goal for the landing page campaign. Together we’ll brainstorm and look at these success factors:

Landing Page Strategy

  • What is your core business, sales process, value proposition?
  • Are your goals brand awareness, lead generation or direct sell?
  • Who’s the audience: B2B, B2C, clients, prospects, location?
  • Key traffic sources are pay-per-click, SEO  or email marketing?
  • What type of landing page: single landing page, landing path, or microsite?
  • Calls-to-action

Testing and Metrics

  • Which success metrics: revenue, leads, clients, donations, ROI…?
  • Set up testing experiments on pages and traffic sources
  • A/B tests to drive traffic to landing pages and optimize
  • MVT (Multivariate Testing) to determine optimal combination of elements on page
  • Analytics: Track clickers and conversions, by day, time, geography, KW, product type…

Landing Page Guidelines

  • Keep it simple: less is more when it comes to landing pages
  • Clear calls-to-action should be bold and easy to understand
  • Images: clear and understandable visuals point to a form
  • Form design and location is key to successful conversion
  • PPC landing pages to mirror the ad with same keyword and CTA (call-to-action)
  • Email landing pages to mirror the branding, layout, and language of the email

Single Landing Page

  • Nice and simple – One page and it’s over
  • Short version with a form, CTA, and some basic copy usually does the trick
  • Strong visual and call-to-action on top of page work best
  • Scrolling page with more content can be appropriate for certain industries
  • Branding to reflect the source of the traffic, be it email or PPC

Landing Path or Microsite

  • Multiple pages allow further engagement with reader
  • Multiple pages on pain point or  services you offer
  • Pose a question per page so reader can segment their interest
  • Reader interaction via a landing path can lead to higher conversion
  • Offer different incentives or CTAs at the end of every path

Think of landing pages as the most important conversion tool for PPC or email marketing. They can be created on your site or on our landing page platform for ease of deployment.