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A New Marketing Approach for a Sparkling Jeweler


Gurhan is a contemporary fine jewelry design company that makes exquisite, hand-crafted, high-karat gold and sterling silver earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. Known for pioneering the revival of 24 karat gold jewelry and for its one-of-a-kind creations, the Gurhan brand is featured frequently in the world’s best-known fashion magazines and worn by a dazzling array of celebrity clients, including Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Lopez, among others.

Over the last 18+ months and through the Covid-19 pandemic, OpenMoves has succeeded in helping Gurhan to meet and exceed its marketing goals through a coordinated strategy of email marketing and social media.


Revenue increase through email in last 6 months


Placed order rate through email


Increase in website visits from social


Social media conversions


  • OpenMoves has shown us that by automating and using effective email and social campaigns we could improve the overall engagement with our customer base. They’ve been fantastic in overhauling our entire program. We can now easily trace back the effectiveness of our email and social campaigns and see our online conversions. It’s really gratifying to see.

    Fiona Tilley, CEO & President, GURHAN New York, Inc.
    Fiona Tilley, CEO & President, GURHAN New York, Inc.


Gurhan had a beautiful product line and successful traditional marketing strategy. What they didn’t have was targeted, data driven marketing. And, like so many other fashion brands, Gurhan began losing market share during the economic shutdown, since most sales were made in-person at U.S. retailers.

OpenMoves was asked to boost sales and engagement through social media and email marketing automation. Gurhan’s in-house marketing team needed an outside agency to assist with ongoing email production and social media management to showcase products and increase engagement with customers and prospects through brand story-telling.

Covid-19 presented an additional challenge, with Gurhan’s physical retailers shutting down. Gurhan needed to connect with its audience throughout the pandemic turmoil with meaningful and sensitive communications while enticing consumers to explore their products and shop from the convenience of their homes.

The Solution

Email Marketing

OpenMoves assessed Gurhan’s email marketing programs, including email template audits, list management and automated campaigns, and developed an email marketing strategy that included a twelve-month action plan to drive conversions and increase engagement. We quickly saw the need for new template designs, varied automated drip campaigns, landing pages, contests to increase subscription and social connections, sales and discounts, and innovative tactics like custom countdown timers.

We quickly migrated Gurhan onto the Klaviyo email marketing platform, easily integrates with Gurhan’s web platform, Shopify, and enables deeper personalization for automated emails and campaigns.

The Klaviyo emails focused on automated welcome letters, browse and cart abandonment, pop up and newsletter sign up forms and weekly touch-points. For most of our clients, automated email campaigns do better than ad hoc emails. In Gurhan’s case, automated open rates out-performed ad hocs, but ad hoc emails did better in clicks and revenue.

40% open rates on automated email campaigns
20% open rates on one-off emails

10% click through rate on automated email campaigns
20% click through rate on one-off emails

Another key to our success was the development, testing and optimization of various promotional campaigns. Longer-term promotions like our 30 Days of Hope and Spring Cleaning campaigns outperformed one-off promotions. Personalized campaigns showcasing recommended products based on user views also proved to be very effective. Gurhan’s audience showed lots of engagement and interest in the brand story, which we promoted through emails about how products were made and human-interest articles about Gurhan and Fiona.
Continually building Gurhan’s email list and improving the data within the list have been high priorities for us. We’ve tested and optimized different email sign-up tactics on the website and are continually building valuable data on each contact. For instance, we started collecting birthdays in exchange for a 10% off promotion, which many users are responding to.


  • Gurhan has been an exciting project to work on. They are extremely collaborative and very open to testing new ideas and optimizing them based on data. When we started, they had very little visibility into the effectiveness of their marketing. Today, we’re analyzing the data together and leveraging that information for each campaign.

    Amy Chan, Email Marketing Team
    Amy Chan, Email Marketing Team
video mobile images
video mobile images
video mobile images

The Solution

Social Media

After performing a comprehensive audit, we developed an action plan to raise the bar on social media performance and leverage Gurhan’s digital footprint to help drive awareness, traffic, and sales. We quickly developed a multi-channel, results-driven strategy custom-designed to the needs of the luxury jewelry consumer.

Goals were set, profiles refreshed, calendars built, campaigns designed, shopping posts tagged, benchmarks tracked and results rolled in. The audience on Facebook and Instagram were activated instantly by the increased post frequency and more refined better branded content strategy.

In just 6 months we saw the following results:

450% increase in followers
233% increase in brand awareness

400% rise in engagement
296% increase in traffic via social
140% lift in conversions via social

When COVID-19 hit, we knew a radical and immediate shift was needed. We took time to listen deeply and understand the impact of the pandemic on the lives of our audience. With retailers on shutdown, the emphasis for social rested heavily on sales and conversions. So we created a direct-to-consumer “30 Days of Hope” campaign which paired inspirational messaging with cropped-in, eye-catching images of Gurhan’s favorite stones and gems, coupled with an offering of 30% off. The campaign was so well received, we followed with a similar Spring Cleaning promotion.

As a result, performance on social media amid Coronavirus (April, May, June) for Gurhan has reached record highs with an engement increase of 510% from the previous 3 months and revenue from social grew 5,400% from the previous year.

We are currently working with Gurhan to utilize live streaming, launch and promote a loyalty program, and leverage their active and influential social media following to adapt to the new normal and thrive in a post-pandemic fashion industry.

In times of crisis, meaningful communication is the key to human connection. For brands like Gurhan, it’s essential to step back and evaluate how their messaging contributes to the well-being of the community they serve. We needed to help them reposition for continuity and shift gears to “crisis-sensitive” digital marketing strategy. The proof is in the numbers


  • Gurhan was a perfect fit for our social media team. The stories behind the brand and the quality of their one-of-kind products served as great content for engaging their target audience. When Covid-19 hit we quickly shifted our messaging and approach to promotions, which Gurhan was very receptive to, and found creative ways to maintain and exceed our goals.

    Melissa, Director of Social Media, OpenMoves
    Melissa, Director of Social Media, OpenMoves

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