“Hi, David,” Let’s Get Personal …

Don’t treat everyone the same. Easily personalize each email and take it up a notch with dynamic content that reflects their demographics and interests.

Send 1:1 Emails with Dynamic Content

Just because you’re creating one email doesn’t mean the content needs to be the same for everyone. Leverage your subscribers’ unique information by sending dynamically personalized emails. Pull in dynamic blocks of data from landing pages, shopping carts, demographic information, and website browsing interests to personalize your emails.


Email Marketing

Segment by Behavior & Demographics

Don’t treat everyone the same. Easily segment your list with our drag-and drop segment builder to target groups of contacts. Pull a segment of users who opened and clicked but did not purchase, or all the females who were interested in hats, or all the New Yorkers who have shown an interest in our services. By the way, these segments update in real time!

Hyper-Personalization: From Carts to Weather

Load real-time content from the web and integrate it into your emails and landing pages. Cart abandonment emails will show products left in the cart. Post-registration emails will remind buyers of extended warranty and recommended spare parts. Real-time weather alerts can be sent X number of days before or after a storm with important weather-related promotions.