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Client Hyperbaric Medical Solutions

This Multi Location Medical Brand Archived 10x ROAS with Google Ads and OpenMoves


Hyperbaric Medical Solutions is an independent provider of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other innovative health services. HMS aims to expand the use of HBOT and bring the revolutionary healing powers of the therapy to all patients who may benefit. HMS offers treatment at 5 different clinic locations in New York, Florida, and New England.

OpenMoves has been working with HMS for several years managing a Google Ads campaign to drive leads and patients to visit each of the clinic locations to book HBOT and other services.

Like many multi-unit medical clients OpenMoves manages, HMS has challenges in managing demand across locations, tracking leads through the full funnel, dealing with approval and policy issues that often come with any medical advertising on Google, and more.


ROAS on Google Ads
spend based on CRM data


ROAS on non-brand main
services search campaigns


improvement in CTR compared
to prior campaigns


Decrease in CPC compared
to prior campaigns


  • We recently made a significant effort to use our CRM tools, HubSpot and Salesforce, and other customer data to compile a ROAS analysis for various marketing efforts, and we found that Google Ads with OpenMoves was providing us a 10X return on our investment! This was a great validation of our efforts and the skill and attention to detail that OpenMoves provides in managing our SEM campaigns. Overall working with OpenMoves has been a great experience and they are clearly experts in handling SEM across multiple locations and markets.

    Gordon Kissam, Partner at Hyperbaric Medical Solutions


As an independent healthcare business, HMS is successful at adopting modern marketing technology and is forward thinking in planning and measuring performance marketing strategies. Combined with OpenMoves’ significant experience in paid media for medical brands with multiple locations, HMS and OpenMoves developed a highly successful and profitable Google Ads strategy.

OpenMoves works with a number of brands that offer medical, health, and aesthetics services across multiple locations. This includes clients like dentists, doctors, skincare specialists, addiction treatment providers and more. Many of these healthcare businesses share the same challenges as HMS does.

Primary Goals

Track leads to patients through a complex life cycle across multiple platforms

Calculate ROI based on customer LTV often across multiple visits over time

Target by location and determine optimal geo-targeting strategies for performance

Segment paid media campaigns by location efficiently

Resolve approvals and policy issues on Google Ads

Write compliant ad copy offering a good value proposition to users

Plan CRO projects in concert with SEM and measure CRO independently


  • Hyperbaric Medical Solutions has been a great client to work with and we’re proud of the results we’ve been able to generate. Managing campaigns across multiple similar locations always adds a unique layer to the SEM challenge given that we need to both be able to optimize at scale for the whole account, but also customize as needed for the different locations and make sure each location is getting value from SEM. Overall the fact that we were able to prove a great ROAS across multiple measurement platforms in collaboration with the HMS team shows the value of our approach and the great response that consumers have to the HMS marketing message and services.

    Kevin Reynolds, Paid Media Team Lead
    Kevin Reynolds, Paid Media Team Lead

The Solution

Campaign Location Segmentation. Every multi-unit business has to decide how best to segment campaigns by location. There are tradeoffs at multiple levels, for example having a per-location breakdown provides the most control, but also splits budgets and learnings and is harder to manage. HMS uses a hybrid approach of all-location campaigns with specific breakout campaigns where extra volume is needed. This allows for flexibility in managing total performance against the needs of each location.

CRM Analysis and Integration. HMS uses Salesforce to manage patient data and handle marketing measurement and automation. OpenMoves works with HMS to access CRM data in a compliant manner, allowing us to integrate lead-to-patient insights into Google Ads strategies. Like many medical brands, there’s a big difference between total leads and actual patient acquisition. Using CRM data to tie Google Ads performance to true patient acquisition allows us to buy media with a focus on bottom line ROI for the business.

Line of Business Segmentation. Like many similar businesses, HMS offers different lines of business to consumers and has different success metrics for different lines of business and campaign types. We run campaigns including competitive conquesting, brand search, core services and extended services. Segmenting campaigns between line of business allows us to buy ads against different CPA targets based on the user’s position in the funnel, perceived customer LTV and more. When further layered against strategic geo-segmentation, our Google Ads strategy is modular and flexible to achieve diverse business goals across locations.

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