Integrated PipeDrive Solution

Unlock the potential of your CRM to drive more conversions.

Pipedrive Integration

Integrate Pipedrive and OM3, easily. Keep your OM3 address books and lists updated and allow your team to access campaign results right within Pipedrive.

Stop losing time on manual imports/exports between Pipedrive and OM3. Unveil the true power of these apps by integrating them. Your subscribers are always kept in sync every 5 minutes.

Unlock the Potential of Your Data

With the OM3 integration in place, your Pipedrive account is enriched with valuable marketing data within the Activity page. You and your sales team will be able to see email campaign opens and clicks and more. Your contact data will be passed to OM3, allowing you to easily access contact data for personalization, segmentation and more.

Detailed Reporting & Segmentation

You are able to see on a contact level within Pipedrive, which campaigns the contact has opened, clicked and more. Powerful segmentation based on customers behavior with your marketing or even location.

How Does It Work?

This is an optional feature available at an added monthly cost and works with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our Integration Specialists will set up your synchronization with your CRM and train you on how to use all the features. Contact us for a more information and a detailed overview of OM3’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration.