Pipedrive + Marketing Automation = Sales

Connect your Pipedrive account and our email marketing platform.

Pipedrive CRM Integration

The OpenMoves Connector links Pipedrive and OpenMoves, our marketing automation platform to enable real-time data synchronization and campaign reporting. By keeping communication with your contacts up to date and ready to deploy, your sales and marketing campaigns will work together to close more deals!

Don’t Let Opportunities Slip Through the Cracks

With the connector installed, your contacts are synchronized as they are added, updated or deleted from your Pipedrive account — keeping your sales and email marketing efforts in sync.

All Pipedrive contact fields (even custom fields) in Pipedrive can be synced to OpenMoves for segmenting, personalizing and triggering state of the art email campaigns and drips.

Get Your Email Campaign Activity Instantly

OpenMoves email campaign activity is reported directly into your Pipedrive account so you can track engaged contacts who read your emails and visit your website. You can also see contacts that unsubscribed from your email campaigns, to effectively manage cold leads.

Campaign activities are reported by default with settings that are customizable in your Pipedrive integration platform.

Easy Installation & Integration

Simply install our OM Connector from the Pipedrive Marketplace, input your OpenMoves credentials, and you’re ready to go! Once you have the OM connector setup, customize it to your liking and begin to leverage the power of our award-winning email marketing platform directly from Pipedrive.

It’s Not Just About the Connector

With the free OpenMoves Connector, you can transform Pipedrive into an email marketing machine, featuring an easy-to-use, affordable enterprise level email platform with marketing automation on board.

Not only can we offer upgrades for additional features, but if you have something specific in mind, we can build it for you.

How To Get Started

The OpenMoves Connector is a free app that connects Pipedrive and the OpenMoves email marketing platform. If you already have Pipedrive and OpenMoves accounts and you’re ready to get started, install the connector here.

Don’t have an OpenMoves account yet? Sign up for a 30-day trial on us! If you’d like to learn more, contact us for more information and a detailed overview of OM3’s Pipedrive Integration.