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Video Testimonials from OpenMoves Customers

“OpenMoves is the best PPC agency I’ve worked with – and I’ve worked with a bunch. Their expertise and strategic thinking allowed us to substantially grow paid digital as a performance channel while hitting CPA goals and other targets.”

Douglas Nelson

Director of Deman Generation,

Justworks Inc.

“We been very impressed with the depth of franchise knowledge and the results we’ve gotten from OpenMoves. Our expectations were very low but we’ve had our best increases month-over-month while working with them.”

Kathleen Kuhn


Housemaster Home Inspections

“OpenMoves analyzed my acquisition goals by week, looked at my CPAs, looked at my target ROAS and helped us put together a strategy that Brass could use to hit our goals. I’m thrilled with the results, we’ve hit above our projections by 15%”.

Katie Demo


Brass Clothing

3 Overlooked Strategies for Measuring the True Value of Paid Social Advertising

Amongst Paid Media channels, Paid Social can be perhaps the most difficult to evaluate in terms of performance and overall contribution to a business. Traditional metrics measured by channel (CPL/CPA, ROAS, Click/Lead%, and overall ROI) can be misleading, and in many cases obscure the true value that Paid Social is providing. To evaluate performance, often one must look a few layers deep to uncover what could be the best value in digital marketing.

Understanding Google Ads Automated Bidding

Testing automated bidding strategies in your Google Ads account is the best way to learn what works in your account and what doesn’t.

Two Facebook/Instagram Ads Platform Changes With Big Impact this Q4

The FB/IG ads platform is constantly changing as Facebook reacts to new data, user behavior, regulatory pressure and more. Recently, Facebook has announced two very significant changes that will impact practically all advertisers in some way or another.