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How Relaunching Paid Media + CRO with OpenMoves Changed the Game for VidMob


VidMob is the world’s leading platform for intelligent ad creative. The VidMob software platform allows advertisers to improve campaign performance through analytics and insights as well as create stunning ads through the VidMob creative studio network.


Growth in YoY total
website sessions


Leads attributed to
paid media in ‘22


Improvement in
CPLs in ‘22


Impressions served to
target audience in ‘22

VidMob engaged OpenMoves towards the end of 2021 to build, plan, and launch a comprehensive paid performance marketing strategy across multiple channels. At the time VidMob had run some paid media campaigns but the overall effort was limited in scale and effectiveness. Through 2023, OpenMoves is working with the VidMob team to launch, scale and optimize a complete paid and CRO effort across Google Ads, Meta Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, while also managing a content syndication strategy for VidMob and managing a complete conversion rate optimization effort.

Creative Performance and Ad Optimization

By leveraging the VidMob platform OpenMoves has been able to accelerate the creative decision-making process and reduce the costs per lead.


Our challenges with VidMob were typical for B2B lead-gen projects, especially those starting significantly new efforts. Like most B2B advertisers, VidMob’s success in paid media rested heavily on interpreting and optimizing lead quality, not just volume and CPL, which required ongoing work to interpret data from CRM systems including Salesforce and Marketo.

It was important to refine targeting parameters, audiences, and keywords to make sure that PPC was generating leads that were truly within the ICP. It was also key for our teams to test, study and understand the user acquisition funnel and process. VidMob, like many advertisers, brings multiple touchpoints and calls to action into marketing campaigns including direct “get a demo” offers, assets for download, in-platform conversions on Facebook and LInkedIn, and more. Our teams had to work together to make sure we were delivering the right CTA to the right user at the right time.


  • Working with the OpenMoves team for our paid media and CRO projects has been a great experience. The team I work with is very knowledgeable and responsive, they are able to quickly learn what’s working and keep iterating and always open to taking feedback and improving. We were basically restarting our whole paid media strategy from scratch in 2021/2022 and the OpenMoves team did a great job building, testing, learning and driving results!

    Tricia Lee, Sr. Director, Demand and Integrated Marketing
    Tricia Lee, Sr. Director, Demand and Integrated Marketing

Conversion rate optimization

CRO is a key component to our paid media strategy for Vidmob and has enabled us to improve lead conversion rates from paid media traffic. Our CRO program for Vidmob is based on a 4-step systematic approach:

1. Investigation: To get started we first took a a deep dive into VidMob’s analytics to confirm proper tracking within web pages, landing pages and the CRM. Confirming that data we will be collected and measured accurately is essential to the foundation of our CRO strategy

2. Understanding VidMob: Researching and brainstorming what success looks like for our client. What are the business goals, who is our ideal prospect, what are their pain points, etc. The answers to these questions helps us define the approach and informs our funnel maps and KPIs.

3. Hypotheses and Creation: Here’s where we get creative and begin using the data and research to develop ideas on how to communicate our value proposition and solve the prospect’s pain points. These concepts include a broad range of tactics and experiments from lead-gen content magnets, customer videos, messaging and creative tests, etc. To prioritize these experiments we use an impact vs effort matrix which helps us calculate the time needed for each experiment with the potential impact it can have.

4. Evaluate and Optimize: Once enough data is gathered from our experiments its time analyze results and arrive at conclusions. We analyze the outcomes for our winners and losers and determine if some tests need to run longer to gain a higher confidence of sustainable results. After our evaluation, we continue to optimize and test our winners against new ideas, different audience segments and from different media channels.

Our CRO process for VidMob and for most of our clients is circular and not linear. Once we’ve reach the evaluation step we go back to step 3 and formulate new hypotheses and creative ideas.

Landing Page Optimization and Design


Integrating CRM Status into Paid Media.
We worked with the VidMob team in a consistent, ongoing basis
to consume data from CRM systems and report on and
interpret this data to drive marketing optimizations and
paid media allocations. In some cases this drove key learnings
such as budget allocations away from some high-volume Google
campaigns towards more investment in paid social.

CRO and Creative Integration with PPC.
Working collaboratively with the VidMob team for creative, and
OM teams for CRO and PPC, we were able to bring a well
coordinated and optimized effort to market efficiently.
Learnings from paid on audience strategy and conversion rate
quickly informed creative and CRO direction, and the PPC teams
were able to quickly implement ads and landing page tests and
changes. We moved through a fast cadence of creative and
conversion rate tests in 2022, driving a significant reduction in
CPL through the year and into 2023.

Investing in Full Funnel Acquisition.
As we know for B2B enterprise sales, key accounts often take
months to acquire and can require touchpoints from multiple
decision makers across multiple channels and types of content.
In our VidMob campaigns, we built a strategy that reached quite
high in the funnel through more general audiences and keywords,
to more mid-funnel strategies based on search intent or target
firms, to true low-funnel efforts based on 1st party data. This allowed
us to keep VidMob’s brand awareness high and drive new
prospects while also making sure users in the funnel continued to
get strong touchpoints from paid media to drive them through
the funnel and support sales.


Split Page One

Split Page Two


  • VidMob was one of my most exciting accounts to work on this year! It was great to combine paid media, content syndication, creative and CRO all together in one project and really get a big paid media campaign strategy off the ground. Going into 2023 we feel very confident now we’ve gotten an amazing marketing foundation built and we can keep building and growing into the near year.

    Tommy Mama, Assoc. Director, Paid Media at OpenMoves
    Tommy Mama, Assoc. Director, Paid Media at OpenMoves
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