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Off-Page SEO Strategy Delivers 64% Growth in Organic Leads for Enterprise HR Services Company


Our client is a national enterprise HR and payroll services company. They are a leading player in a highly competitive industry, and have a large, lead-generating website. Our SEO team was tasked with improving keyword ranking, growing sessions, and increasing organic lead generation from important pages on their website.

Along with building out hubs & spokes with strategic internal linking, page optimizations, and original content creation, we were tasked with a large white-hat backlinks project to improve site authority. Here’s more on this process.


improvement in leads from organic


improvement in organic rank


improvement in organic sessions


Top 5 Considerations


Competitive Industry

Competitive Industry

There are many big-name players in this industry and the organic competition is fierce. Several individual pages we competed with had significant page authority from backlinks.


Moving the Needle

Moving the Needle

We needed to find a way to move competitive pages that had a lot of useful content up in organic search. One effective way is to try to acquire genuine, white-hat backlinks to these pages. We optimized these pages too.


Acquiring White-hat Links

Acquiring White-hat Links

It may be easy to get backlinks in general if you don’t care about the consequences or quality, but it is relatively difficult to get white-hat backlinks that are genuine.


Determining Target Pages

Determining Target Pages

Selecting which of the important pages on the client site to build links to can be complex. Identifying valuable content among their important pages that potential sites would be interested in linking to was part of the challenge. Some of the questions we asked for this exercise were, ‘Does the page offer valuable and linkable information?’, ‘Does the page generate organic sessions?’, and ‘Does the page generate leads?’


Finding Potential Linking Sites

Finding Potential Linking Sites

We did a lot of research to come up with a list of possible backlinking sites. Metrics we used included domain authority, average monthly organic sessions, fresh content, geographic source of the site’s traffic, and of course topic relevance.


  • iContact has been a joy to work with because they understand digital marketing and have been great at implementing all our recommendations. Although it’s a very competitive industry, we’ve found success in laser-targeting our SEO efforts for maximum gains.

    Jason, SEO Supervisor OpenMoves
    Jason, SEO Supervisor OpenMoves


We created an enterprise backlink strategy using these steps:

Agree on budget

Compile list of target pages on the client site – use OpenMoves’ formulas to determine which pages are best to build links to

Optimize these pages bearing in mind the target keyword phrase and the ideal anchor texts

Identify and vet potential backlinking sites – use our criteria to determine which are best for our high-end, BtoB lead-generation site

Outreach to the final list of backlinking sites

Identify and add unlinked brand mentions to the final potential backlinking sites list; reach out to them asking that they link back to our client site

Track every link built recording the target page’s performance metrics before and after

Report on results

Adjust as necessary based on results

Our Criteria for Backlinking Sites

Minimum 1k monthly visitors from organic search

Social media presence

Majority of traffic from the U.S.

An average domain authority of 50+

Backlink Development – Big Wins


Link Target Pages after Optimizations and Backlinks

These results validated our strategy and our client was more than satisfied. When following best practices and providing real value to website visitors, an off-page SEO link building campaign can significantly move the needle.

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