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Client International Autosource

Elevating an SEO strategy targeting unique audiences and increasing sessions leads


International Autosource is in the highly competitive car sales and leasing industry that’s specifically designed for expats moving to America who need a vehicle. They provide flexible solutions and financing without a credit history for internationals. Healthcare professionals, traveling nurses, students studying abroad, diplomats, and corporate employees working for multinational companies are examples of their diverse audience, from many countries across the globe.


YoY sessions from organic


YoY new users from organic


YoY leads from organic


YoY conversion rate


  • The OpenMoves team has been our SEO and PPC partner for several years and has become an extension of our team. We feel confident they are managing our accounts wisely and helping us improve results during challenging times like COVID as well as seasonal and macro changes. The team is highly responsive, flexible and professional and always willing to work with us to launch new markets, strategies, and messaging. Their fresh ideas, reliability, and deep experience help make our job easier.

    Donna Bliss, Digital Marketing Supervisor, International Autosource


A high-ticket item that has a relatively long buying cycle like a car or truck is particularly difficult to sell online. International Autosource is further challenged to let people know they exist, educate them about options as an expat, and then gain enough trust to turn them into a lead, all through the website via Google search.

A further challenge is their diverse audience from diverse global locations, requiring highly tailored content that is unique, authoritative, valuable, and that ranks on page 1 of Google for the targeted keywords.

Primary Goals

Increase overall organic site sessions

Increase the percentage of organic visits of all site visits

Increase the number of qualified leads from organic search

Reach prospective customers in the country they live in via Google search

Adapt to market challenges including COVID


  • International Autosource has always been a pleasure to work with, both because of the team and their interesting industry that is full of challenges. Helping grow their organic visits and leads has been a slow but steady process that has now hit its stride and is paying off, allowing their website to continuously produce for them.

    Jason O’Connor, SEO Supervisor
    Jason O’Connor, SEO Supervisor

The Solution

Technical SEO. We conducted technical SEO audits of the site. There were many impediments to crawling that we uncovered. And there were many missing or duplicated SEO elements like title tags and H1s that we found. By getting the site technically sound, we made it easier for the pages to get crawled and indexed by Google and made them more search engine friendly.

Content guidance. Blog topics in a Content Calendar. We created a content calendar that listed relevant topics with proven popularity (high monthly search volume) that we organized in a hub & spoke framework.

Content guidance. Blog optimizations. We optimized older blog posts and added in strategic internal links to lead-generation pages. And when new blog posts are created, we optimize them as well.

Link building. We built links from authoritative, relevant sites to important IAS pages like lead-gen pages and brand pages.

Lead-gen page creation. We built pages targeting each audience segment and each country their prospective customers come from.


Targeting Keywords are shared between departments, allowing both SEO and PPC to target every important topic effectively.

Visibility Search engine results pages often have the listings in both the ads and organic sections of the page, helping to maximize visibility.

Conversion Optimizations Conversion insights are shared between departments, aiding in conversion optimization and lead-generation efforts.

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