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Client Reflect window

How an Online Window + Door Parts Retailer Achieved
Over 100% Revenue Growth in 2020


Our client is a Canadian business offering a large online catalog of window and door parts, hardware, and accessories. They also performs local window and door repair and installation services around their headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta.

This client has been an OpenMoves client for several years in both SEO and PPC. During the Coronavirus, they experienced a slowdown in local in-person projects, and leaned on e-commerce to drive growth. Together, we were able to realize amazing digital growth during challenging times.


YOY srevenue growth in
2020 year to date


Total transaction
volume growth


Total session growth


Improvement in
PPC conversion rate


  • OpenMoves has been a trusted partner for years, and we’ve really been blown away by our 2020 results and ability to grow ecommerce success during the pandemic. OpenMoves has helped us grow faster than we expected and they are always responsive and creative in developing new ideas and marketing strategies.

    Kelley Hanna, General Manager


We had to balance a number of complex challenges for our client. With aggressive goals to scale spending and revenue, we had to carefully monitor return on ad spend and aggressively optimize to ensure that spending was efficient and profitable.

Scaling the business into Amazon was a complex project technically – this client has over 5,000 SKUs, and a number of product data improvements had to be made to have the catalog comply with Amazon policies.

From an SEO perspective, their recent migration to Shopify from a more customized platform also created a number of complex projects that had to be managed alongside the aggressive PPC goals. This included many on-site improvements to better feature targeted keywords and product data as well as a comprehensive blogging platform overhaul and SEO integration with our conversion rate optimization efforts.

Primary Goals

Make up for lost local revenue due to Corona through ecommerce

Launch on Amazon to capture larger market share

Grow media spending significantly while keeping ROAS consistent

Improve ecommerce conversion rates through website engagemencement

Improve SEO and keyword rankings for critical search terms


  • It’s always extremely rewarding when hard work pays off and really translates into client success, and that has certainly been the case for Reflect as they started to see 100% YoY growth and more. Working with Kelley and her team has been great as they are always open to new ideas and working together to help us grow the online business.

     Greg, Analyst, OpenMoves
    Greg, Analyst, OpenMoves

The Solution

Aggressive Deployment of Google Smart Shopping. A major driver of our client’s PPC success has been Google’s Smart Shopping format, which OpenMoves has effectively deployed to allow for maximum machine learning within the target set of products. Through feed management and optimization, settings on the Google Merchant Center platform, and proactive ROAS goal setting, our Google Smart Shopping campaigns perform better than manually managed Shopping efforts.

Effective Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization. Along with our SEO and PPC efforts was a comprehensive Shopify CRO project, which included tackling a large number of website interface, menu, messaging, and product page improvements. Working directly with their web development agency, OpenMoves was able to drive CRO implementations that produced an 8% improvement in conversion rate YoY even when total traffic and revenue more than doubled.

Scaling Across Channels. Though Google Ads was always our major driver of success for our client, we were able to drive incremental scale and efficiency by expanding our reach to Bing, Facebook/Instagram, Amazon and Criteo. This cross-channel effort has proven successful and offers them continued paths to growth.

Optimization at Scale. With over 5,000 revenue-driving SKUs in the catalog, it’s been key to generate optimizations at the campaign, keyword, audience and ad level that are scalable for our client. Through Google Ads Editor, we’ve been able to develop campaign structure and template strategies that allow our team to operate efficiently. Combined with Google’s automated bidding strategies, we leverage automation to drive profitable ROAS at scale.

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