Google Ads & Bing = Results

We will strategize, create, scale, and target your PPC campaigns. And create Paid Search, Display, Remarketing, and Shopping campaigns in AdWords, Bing, and more …

Google Ads Done Right

OpenMoves, a Google Premier Partner, will be responsible to manage your Google Ads campaigns. Done right, you will reach more potential customers, produce more online and store sales, and generate phone calls, leads, and brand awareness. We’ll set up your campaigns, determine your bids, measure results, and optimize again and again.


Bing PPC

As an experienced Bing-certified partner, we’ll evaluate and launch ad campaigns in Bing following the initial learning from AdWords campaigns. We will target this population with custom keywords and shopping ads, and develop a strategy that fits your budget and objectives, while reaching beyond the audience of Google and Facebook to generate leads and sales for your business.

Display & Remarketing

The Google Network reaches 80% of Internet users worldwide. The network encompasses Google properties, partner search sites, and content properties. With these channels, campaigns can reach people on content sites targeted to specific industries or users with special interests. With static and dynamic remarketing banners, we can follow site visitors and stay top-of-mind with engaging messaging as they browse the web. It’s an extremely effective and affordable method to increase branding and conversions.

Intelligent Attribution Modeling

Attribution models ensure that you invest your resources in the right channels at critical points in the buying journey. Many make the mistake of judging performance purely by the last click values and not taking into account clicks that started the buyer journey or assisted in the conversion. We’ll choose an attribution model that make sense for your business and how your prospects search. We’ll improve your bids based on a better understanding of how your ads and keywords perform. We’ll reach your customers earlier in the buying cycle and guide them through it.

Google Shopping (for eCommerce)

Google Shopping offers you numerous ways to showcase and sell your products right from the search results page. We can create and manage an optimized product feed and launch Google Shopping campaigns to optimize conversions by ensuring that your products show up for the keywords most likely to result in sales. Well-crafted shopping ads give searches a real view of the product you’re selling before they click the ad. You will grow your traffic with qualified leads, expand your reach, and enhance your digital presence.

Tracking Calls & Micro Conversions

Tracking Calls & Micro Conversions

In addition to leads or eCommerce orders, it’s important to track secondary metrics such as phone calls and newsletter subscriptions, and to document downloads. These all represent touch-points on the buyer’s path to conversion, or micro-conversions. We’ll help you configure, monitor, and grow these secondary metrics to understand and improve user engagement.

Other PPC Campaign Sources

Other PPC Campaign Sources

Initally, we’ll optimize your campaign on Google Ads given the Google market share. Then, as we learn your buyers’ habits and hangouts, we’ll expand. We’ll launch campaigns, as budget and business allow, on Bing, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, and more. Let’s go where your buyers are.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Hear what it’s like working with our teams and how we helped Housemaster, Justworks, and Brass Clothing grow their sales with our Paid Search, Paid Social, and SEO services.

Kathleen Kuhn
CEO Housemaster Home Inspections

Douglas Nelson
Director of Demand Generation, Justworks Inc.

Katie Demo
Co-Founder, Brass Clothing

    Client Success

    “OpenMoves helped me improve the efficiency and scale of my campaigns by reducing CPA and increasing my ROAS …”

    – Ronnie @ Orthofeet

    Client Success

    “OpenMoves has made a huge difference to my lead generation. Their multi-channel approach to PPC, SEO, and Social enabled me to gain top web presence in a very competitive market and increased my top line revenue.”

    – Yaniv @ Paragon

    Client Success

    “We’ve been working with OpenMoves for a few years and are particularly impressed with their knowledgeable team members whom we have worked closely with and who deliver top-notch client service and PPC results.”

    – Lauren @ Snow Joe

    Client Success

    “We challenged OM to effectively promote dozens of local swim clinics nationally using Facebook and AdWords. This requires constant monitoring, learning and adjusting the campaigns based on real-time analysis. It’s working big time.”

    – David @ Fitter & Faster