The Paid Social Opportunity

With 2B+ monthly users, Facebook advertising is the Wild West of online advertising. Our paid social services will help you reach the right audience to grow your business.

Facebook Ad Management

Whether you are just getting started or want to scale your Facebook campaigns to the next level, our specialists will take you there. As your paid social agency, we’ll develop the strategy, set up pixel tracking, target the right audiences, deploy effective ads and videos, and continuously test and surprise you with amazing ROI results.


Conversion Optimization

Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook enables us to target the right audience for your brand better than any other platform! Choose the right demographics, like gender, age, education, locations, and more. Reach audiences based on their interests and hobbies or based on their browsing and purchasing behavior. You can also target people who like your page as well as their friends and those who visited your site.

Social Advertising

Drive awareness and promote your business on the world’s largest business network. Reach your target B2B audience using LinkedIn demographic data. Create LinkedIn matched audiences, find decision makers, and retarget your site visitors on LinkedIn’s ever-evolving business advertising platform.

There are 600 million active users on Instagram who generate 3.5 billion likes daily! This highly visual platform is tightly integrated with Facebook Advertising and allows us to target the right audience with different visuals based on where they are in your sales funnel. We will test your ads and videos on Instagram and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Roughly 70% of Snapchat users are females under the age of 34. This fast-growing mobile platform is used by 173 million daily active users and is ideal for mobile video advertising. Let’s work together and decide if this channel is right for you and how to best leverage it for your brand.

Other Paid Social Channels

Beyond Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, we’ll build a paid social advertising strategy based on your brand and audience. Each social media network — whether it’s Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, or others — offers its own unique features and a platform with which to reach millions of interested users early in the buying cycle.

Grow with Audience Look-Alikes

Grow with Audience Look-Alikes

With the correct Facebook pixel on your site, and leveraging your existing data base of prospects and clients, we can identify and target top-funnel prospects who are similar to your best customers. We’ll display relevant Facebook ads directly in their feed, based on their interests, and run exhaustive ongoing tests to find the right sweet spot of performance. Whether your target audience is 55+ or millenniums, let us help you quickly test if its the right fit for your business.

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads

1:1 Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are automatically generated for shoppers who have browsed but did not purchase, based on your product feed and their behavior on your site. You can also follow visitors with static ads as well as carousel and video ads to stay top-of-mind and nurture their engagement with a product in which they’ve already shown interest. Facebook remarketing is extremely effective and typically has the highest ROI.

What our Customers are Saying

Hear what our customers Katie (B2C eCommerce) and Doug (B2B Lead Generation) are saying about working with our Paid Search, Paid Social, SEO and CRO teams.

Katie Demo
Co-Founder, Brass Clothing

Douglas Nelson
Director of Demand Generation, Justworks Inc.

    Client Success

    “OpenMoves helped me improve the efficiency and scale of my campaigns by reducing CPA and increasing my ROAS …”

    – Ronnie @ Orthofeet

    Client Success

    “OpenMoves has made a huge difference to my lead generation. Their multi-channel approach to PPC, SEO, and Social enabled me to gain top web presence in a very competitive market and increased my top line revenue.”

    – Yaniv @ Paragon

    Client Success

    “We’ve been working with OpenMoves for a few years and are particularly impressed with their knowledgeable team members whom we have worked closely with and who deliver top-notch client service and PPC results.”

    – Lauren @ Snow Joe

    Client Success

    “We challenged OM to effectively promote dozens of local swim clinics nationally using Facebook and Google Ads. This requires constant monitoring, learning and adjusting the campaigns based on real-time analysis. It’s working big time.”

    – David @ Fitter & Faster