It’s All About The Process

Our proven PPC strategy generates relevant leads and sales while continuously reducing conversion costs. Once the process is in place, the profits will follow.

Proven Pay Per Click Process

As your PPC agency, we are experts at identifying the challenges specific to your business, understanding the competition, and creating a Paid Search/Paid Social strategy suiting your needs and budget. Our Pay Per Click process is thorough and ensures that you will receive an effective and customized conversion strategy.

Audit, Audience & Goals

As your PPC agency, we start with an in-depth audit of your accounts and quickly identify areas of wasted spend and growth opportunists. We’ll delve into seasonal trends, goal settings, day-parting metrics, mobile device performance, and more. Once we have a full understanding of your goals, we’ll recommended funnel-oriented strategy to take you to the next level.

Keyword Research & Discovery

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current PPC keywords and evaluate whether they optimally match your business and target audiences. We’ll deliver an optimized campaign structure categorized into ad groups by product line, industry, season, demographics, etc. Our team will manage and continuously optimize your campaigns as required. We’ll find the keywords that bring you business.

Competitive Analysis

Leveraging our expertise and technology platform, we’ll review your key competitors to gain insight into what’s working for them and what’s not. With skillful competitive knowledge, we develop effective advertising campaigns focused on the most important keywords and industry segments.

Landing Page & Conversion Optimization

To have a successful conversion path, it’s crucial to align ad messaging with your landing pages and test for optimum conversions. We’ll review visitor intent (based on keywords and source), landing page content, calls-to-action, and the overall visitor journey. Leveraging heat map technology, we’ll test landing page variations and recommend ongoing improvements.

Ads that Convert

Following our audit, CRO, and competitive research, we are ready to launch a winning ad strategy. We’ll introduce a set of ad creatives for both text and display ads. Our design team will create them — or you can design them based on our input. Either way, we’ll build in your messaging and follow best practices. If we are also advertising on Facebook/Instagram, we’ll work together on dozens of single and carousel ads as well as video ads, if available. As always, we’ll work continuously to optimize your ROI and reduce your CPA (cost per acquisition).

Campaign Monitoring & Testing

With all the parts in place, we’ll test, tweak, check results, test and tweak again. We’ll run A/B and MVT tests and review your campaign’s analytics to determine which version is the winner — and then rinse and repeat. There is constant fine-tuning of non-converting keywords, day-parting, ad extensions, ad messaging, mobile vs. desktop, demographics, and more. We will continuously sharpen your campaigns, growing your pipeline and increasing conversions.


Our passion is to find your audience and grow your business profitably.

What our Customers are Saying

Hear what our customers Katie (B2C eCommerce) and Doug (B2B Lead Generation) are saying about working with our Paid Search, Paid Social, SEO and CRO teams.

Kathleen Kuhn
CEO Housemaster Home Inspections

Douglas Nelson
Director of Demand Generation, Justworks Inc.

Katie Demo
Co-Founder, Brass Clothing

What Our Customers Are Saying

Hear what it’s like working with our teams and how we helped Housemaster, Justworks, and Brass Clothing grow their sales with our Paid Search, Paid Social, and SEO services.

    Client Success

    “OpenMoves helped me improve the efficiency and scale of my campaigns by reducing CPA and increasing my ROAS …”

    – Ronnie @ Orthofeet

    Client Success

    “OpenMoves has made a huge difference to my lead generation. Their multi-channel approach to PPC, SEO, and Social enabled me to gain top web presence in a very competitive market and increased my top line revenue.”

    – Yaniv @ Paragon

    Client Success

    “We’ve been working with OpenMoves for a few years and are particularly impressed with their knowledgeable team members whom we have worked closely with and who deliver top-notch client service and PPC results.”

    – Lauren @ Snow Joe

    Client Success

    “We challenged OM to effectively promote dozens of local swim clinics nationally using Facebook and AdWords. This requires constant monitoring, learning and adjusting the campaigns based on real-time analysis. It’s working big time.”

    – David @ Fitter & Faster