Remarketing: Bring your Visitors Back

With Retargeting or Remarketing — call it what you will — maintain top-of-mind branding with visitors to your site. When they are ready to purchase, it’s your site they will remember.

The Benefits of Retargeting

Whether you are advertising on Google AdWords (Remarketing) or Facebook (Retargeting), your site and offering will stay top-of-mind as visitors to your site move closer to a purchase decision. Follow up with users who may have lost interest or forgotten their visit. We’ll create the banners, and then implement, monitor, and optimize the Remarketing campaign continuously.

Google Remarketing

By adding the correct tracking code to your site, you can follow visitors to other sites within the Google Display Network (“two million websites that reach over 90% of people on the internet” ). You can show them static branding  ads with a call-to-action or dynamic 1:1 ads showing the product they browsed. Frequency of impressions per day and length of time the ads will show are easily controlled so as not to saturate the visitor’s interest. For example, when people leave your website without buying anything, Remarketing can reconnect with them by showing relevant ads across their different devices.

Facebook Retargeting

Within the Facebook platform, you can follow visitors who have visited your site or have engaged with your Facebook ad in a similar way to how Remarketing works in AdWords. Just because they visited your site doesn’t mean they are qualified. You can decide to exclude certain visitors from your Retargeting campaigns based on demographics (age and gender), past purchases, or very specific demographics, like education level, job industry, title, etc. These exclusions will further optimize your campaigns and increase their efficiency.

Other Retargeting Platforms

Other Retargeting Platforms

We do not use a cookie-cutter solution for each client. Depending on a client’s budget and audiences, we may decide to use a third-party Retargeting platform such as Criteo or Adroll as they may offer some additional features that are important to a campaign. In other instances, we may decide to use a Demand Side Platform (DSP) that can provide Retargeting functionality as well as multi-channel ad formats across many display networks.

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Douglas Nelson
Director of Demand Generation, Justworks Inc.


What our Cutomers
are Saying

Justworks Inc is a fast growing PEO providing a SAAS platform for payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance to small businesses. The OpenMoves team helped Justworks increase its qualified leads while reducing lead cost with a comprehensive Paid Media strategy leveraging Google AdWords, Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as Demand-Side Platforms.

    Client Success

    “OpenMoves helped me improve the efficiency and scale of my campaigns by reducing CPA and increasing my ROAS …”

    – Ronnie @ Orthofeet

    Client Success

    “OpenMoves has made a huge difference to my lead generation. Their multi-channel approach to PPC, SEO, and Social enabled me to gain top web presence in a very competitive market and increased my top line revenue.”

    – Yaniv @ Paragon

    Client Success

    “We’ve been working with OpenMoves for a few years and are particularly impressed with their knowledgeable team members whom we have worked closely with and who deliver top-notch client service and PPC results.”

    – Lauren @ Snow Joe

    Client Success

    “We challenged OM to effectively promote dozens of local swim clinics nationally using Facebook and AdWords. This requires constant monitoring, learning and adjusting the campaigns based on real-time analysis. It’s working big time.”

    – David @ Fitter & Faster