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How a Luxury Home Goods Ecommerce Store Grew Revenue by 80% YoY Through Performance PPC


Interlude Home is a luxury furniture and home decor brand selling through ecommerce and select retail locations. The brand offers furniture with proprietary designs inspired by exotic locales and crafted by exceptional artisans. Interlude is proud to support No Kid Hungry by donating a portion of sales to help end childhood hunger. OpenMoves has been working with Interlude since 2019 as the agency of record for media buying and performance marketing. We provide comprehensive media management to Interlude including campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook / Instagram Ads, and Pinterest Ads. Our team has been proud to participate in an exceptional growth period for Interlude.


YOY growth in ecommerce sales


Improvement in average order size


Improvement in conversion rate


increase in transactions


  • The OpenMoves team worked very quickly to learn our business objectives and nuances of marketing to the trade. For about two years, our PPC performance and overall website performance has been strong and growing. They are a great partner in managing, scaling, and optimizing our PPC strategy.

    Michael Turner, Digital Marketing Manager
    Michael Turner, Digital Marketing Manager


Unlike most ecommerce brands, Interlude Home does not sell directly to end buyers. Rather, Interlude partners with interior designers, and mainly sells products to design professionals who then bring Interlude furniture to end buyers.

This unique dynamic required a unique media plan – since the products are not publically for sale in direct ecommerce, some common ecommerce performance channels such as Google Shopping were entirely unavailable. Other strategies such as remarketing, though possible, certainly required some unique deviation from the standard ecommerce playbook.

Since Interlude’s products are on the premium high end of the industry, it was also important to ensure that our media was reaching real potential buyers, and not simply people just interested in browsing or looking for home decor inspiration. This required a focused media plan on relevant b2b buyers with appropriate budgets.

Finally, Interlude Home, like many high fashion brands, needed tight creative and brand control on all creative as well as placements to ensure media was being bought on-brand and in support of the interlude design philosophy.

Primary Goals

  • Drive ecommerce purchases from industry professionals at an efficient ROAS
  • Drive initial awareness and lead generation
  • Grow ecommerce revenue profitably
  • Grow Interlude Home brand awareness and maintain high standards of branding across channels


  • Interlude’s success in 2021 has been really impressive and great to be a part of. This is a case of a brand clearly creating products that buyers want and OpenMoves has been able to create a PPC strategy that reaches the right professional audience in the right places to drive results. Not every brand was able to grow almost 100% in this post-COVID landscape, and especially through Facebook’s iOS14 challenges, but Interlude keeps hitting new milestones. This is the type of ecommerce success that happens when product, media, and creative come together in a clearly winning marketing plan.

    Alex, VP Paid Media Services, OpenMoves
    Alex, VP Paid Media Services, OpenMoves

The Solution

Advanced use of FB/IG Detailed Targeting. Some ecommerce marketing projects can be successful on FB/IG ads through broad targeting and machine learning. However for Interlude, given the tight focus on designers, we had to lean on Facebook’s detailed targeting to build focused profiles of industry professionals that could actually become buyers. This required a combination of manual targeting and typical FB/IG automation strategies to achieve success.

Custom Geotargeting Strategies. The market for luxury interior design of course is highly tied to location, and obviously higher income demographics also tie closely to various elite zip codes. However, the broader American market includes weather buyers across the country and limiting PPC to only top cities would have reduced total performance. A segmented geotargeting strategy in FB/IG ads allowed us to focus media where it performed best while still reaching the whole market where relevant.

Unique Keyword and Audience Strategies on Google Ads. Most normal ecommerce strategies for Google Ads would not have applied well to Interlude, since end consumers don’t buy the goods directly, and most relevant searches come from consumers. To this point, in addition to our focus on branding, OpenMoves worked on niche keyword topics and themes that would be relevant to industry professionals, and worked on also finding and layering in relevant Google Ads audience layers to further focus on the professional buyer.

Pinterest Expansion. Pinterest is sometimes a challenging platform for performance marketers to see a direct ROAS that is competitive with FB/IG. However, for Interlude, we are in the process of scaling up our Pinterest PPC efforts in both prospecting and remarketing, as we see both direct response and branding value in the platform’s ability to reach end users and designers during their interior planning projects.

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