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How SEO?Propelled a National Medical Therapy Services Company to New Heights


Our client provides medical therapy services for families and children, throughout the United States, both online and in local clinics.

Their website’s goal is to generate leads and be a community hub for therapists and parents. The site offers resources, workshops, and job listings for clinicians and therapists too.


YoY New Sessions


YoY Increase Goal Conversion Rate


YoY Goal Completions


YoY Increase in top 10 rankings


Growing this website into a consistent lead-generating machine while positioning it as an authority in their field was our shared goal. Increasing the number of page 1 organic rankings for relevant services in specific service areas was critical. And doing this while making it a hub for therapists and parents alike added to the challenge.


New Users


  • It’s been exciting to see our SEO efforts pay off, especially since the competition in this vertical is tough and we had multiple initiatives going at once, all of which contributed to the site’s overall organic success.

    Jason, Senior SEO Specialist, OpenMoves
    Jason, Senior SEO Specialist, OpenMoves


Working with their in-house team, we tackled the low-hanging technical fruit first. We ensured the site had no major crawling issues and flagged any errors we uncovered. Determining which keyword gaps existed and building pages for them, and optimizing existing lead-generating pages were the next SEO endeavors on our list. Creating a content calendar, chock full of relevant, high-search volume, well-researched hub & spoke topics came after that. We also built some related, white-hat backlinks along the way too.  

Blog Pages 

As their writers crafted new blog articles on the topics we recommended, we optimized and interlinked them properly, creating lots of page 1 and number 1 search rankings as a result. They’ve also earned some featured snippets from this work too. We simultaneously went back and optimized existing blog pages too.  

Lead-Generating Pages 

We noticed that many of the pages that created leads were location based, and we recognized an opportunity. Optimizing these pages to target a service and location each resulted in an increase in new users and overall sessions.

Using heat-mapping software and knowledge borne out of many years of SEO experience, we noticed that the Call to Actions buttons on the bottom of these location-based pages were not getting that many clicks. Along with other conversion optimization recommendations and our on-page optimizations, we suggested that they also duplicate the buttons at the top of the pages in the sidebar. Our efforts were rewarded with a huge increase in both the conversion rate and in the goal completions.

Google My Business  

Our client has locations across the U.S. and has a Google My Business presence for each of them. Our strategy involved optimizing existing ones and getting new ones set up and then verified were the initial hurdles we faced. Once they were up and running, we regularly created original posts for each GMB to drive local engagement. 

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