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Client Orthofeet

How a Comprehensive E-Mail Strategy Made All the Difference for Major Shoe Retailer


Orthofeet is an online retailer focused on providing the very best footwear solutions for consumers with sensitive feet or other physical ailments affected by foot problems or poor posture. They came to OpenMoves looking for an overhaul of their email marketing strategy to grow revenue, boost traffic to the website and increase engagement. Their previous email initiatives performed poorly and lacked ability to leverage modern email tactics such as automation, personalization and optimization testing. Once our strategy was developed and implemented, we quickly saw a lift in sales and then exceed our goals within a matter of a few months.


Increase in email


Increase in
open rates


Revenue increase
from Email


Increase of website traffic
through email


Orthofeet’s primary challenge was to develop an email strategy that would increase conversions and engagement for promotional and automated email campaigns, and integrate seamlessly with their ecommerce platform, Shopify.

Our first order of business was to manage the campaign calendaring around holidays, scheduled events and to dovetail this strategy with promotions ranging from dollar/percentage-off, to BOGOs, to free products with purchase. We developed a plan for ongoing testing to determine the best combination of subject lines, promotions, frequency of emails, and creative approaches tailored to specific targeted customers and prospects.

After a full evaluation of Orthofeet’s online marketing and ecommerce operations we determined Klaviyo to be the best choice for their email marketing platform. Klaviyo is designed to unlock customer data and preferences from Shopify and turn it into targeted, personalized email marketing. With this power, we can combine rich data with email automation, user segmentation, and personalization to improve customer/prospect engagement and increase transactions.

Primary Goals

Need a comprehensive email marketing strategy and road map towards achieving email goals

Recommendations on email platforms that integrated well with Shopify and provide’s robust features

Produce new campaigns and templates that improve open rates, click-throughs and increase conversions

Leverage a new platform for automated drip campaigns, personalization and dynamic emails

The Solution

With a new email strategy and promotional calendar in-hand we set out to build our automated campaigns and create new email templates that lifted the brand and drove better results. Accordingly, we redesigned the emails with modern typography, new headers, animated banners, and focused on seasonal content/products.

Klaviyo started to pay big dividends when we personalized the emails to include recommended products based on browsing, purchasing behavior, and in some cases predetermined personas. The OpenMoves team was able to leverage cart and browse information to automatically send emails 24 hours, 3 days and 5 days after an item had been viewed or added to the cart. Through extensive testing, we were able to determine the most effective cadence and send times.

With the Klaviyo/Shopify integration, we were also able to set up a welcome series that launched immediately upon sign up with a discount code, and 5 days after with some evergreen information. In addition, a birthday email was also deployed with a unique coupon code for each customer, generated by Shopify and passed to Klaviyo. We also increased sales by combing Klaviyo’s dynamic content feature with customer history via the Shopify connection to recommended products based on the customer’s purchase history.

The Results
The results of the automated emails showed that after integrating with Shopify, these emails had over 50% increase in open rates and over 20% increase in click-through rates since these emails were personalized with recommendations and reminders of products that the customer was actually interested in.

After just one year of leveraging the advanced features of Klaviyo and the Shopify integration functions, revenue had increased from $50,000 to over $200,000 per month, and email traffic almost tripling from under 8k to over 24k per month.

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