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How do we scale sales-qualified leads to over 500 US markets while reducing cost per acquisition?


Justworks, one of the fastest growing HR technology companies in the country, tapped OpenMoves with a clear mission – manage, optimize, and deliver more sales-qualified leads through digital paid media. Over the last 18+ months, OpenMoves has succeeded in meeting and exceeding goals and helping Justworks become one of the leading HR SaaS companies.
The results are staggering:


Conversion rate


Scale of media


Local PPC
markets developed


Cost reduction for
sales qualified leads


  • OpenMoves is the best PPC agency I’ve worked with - and I’ve worked with a bunch. Their expertise and strategic thinking allowed us to substantially grow paid digital as a performance channel while hitting CPA goals and other targets.

    Doug Nelson, Dir. of Revenue Marketing, Justworks
    Doug Nelson, Dir. of Revenue Marketing, Justworks


When OpenMoves took over paid media for Justworks, campaigns were optimized for leads but not for Sales-Qualified Leads (SQL). Justworks needed to target a specific slice of the broader market and count success only when a lead met Justworks’ firmographic specs.

In addition to lead quality it was imperative that we provided visualizations of the acquisition data and CRO analytics.


per month


Tested variants per month

Primary Goals

Optimizing campaigns for SQLs – not just regular leads as with traditional businesses.

Distributing UTM campaign data across all platforms and integrating it with Salesforce.

Meeting aggressive cost per SQL goals and SQL quotas.

Reducing high cost of acquisition and lessening the time it takes for leads to progress to Sales Qualified Leads

video mobile images
video mobile images
video mobile images


  • This was such an exciting media project as we helped Justworks scale their ad spend by 10X and saw their business in real time. Justworks was a really fun and high energy team to work with, they demanded the best but they were always smart, creative and collaborative. We’re proud of the sophistication and strategy we built into our media campaigns - this was a cutting edge project with huge results.

    Lisa, Lead Generation Supervisor, OpenMoves
    Lisa, Lead Generation Supervisor, OpenMoves

The Solution

OpenMoves built workflows to optimize every keyword on Google Ads and every ad creative on Facebook down to MQL and SQL level data. Our approach drove down costs of acquisition and increased SQL.

We teamed with Justworks to pair CRM and BI reports with acquisition data from Google Ads and Facebook. Our primary goal was to optimize bidding allocation through geographic performance, time of day, day of week, device and industry vertical.

Improving lead quality: we decreased unqualified leads by applying our proprietary exclusion modules on Facebook and excluded hundreds of zip codes that did not convert down the funnel.

Conversion rate optimization: OpenMoves built a conversion rate optimization framework to design and optimize landing pages and ad creative down to SQL level.

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