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Paragon Security is one of New York’s most respected locksmith and security companies, offering security systems, cameras, access control, and other services to businesses and consumers across New York. Paragon Security has been an OpenMoves client for many years, having engaged our team to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy centered around SEO, PPC, and social media. The locksmith vertical is a notoriously competitive and aggressive category in SEO/PPC and often dominated by black-hat players. Our approach was not only totally white-hat, but highly effective, generating a range of key #1 organic rankings and consistent profitable lead generation through PPC.


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Organic Traffic Growth
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  • The OpenMoves team has been our marketing partner for many years. Through this time our business has grown and survived the tough times of Corona and continued to generate new business through online channels. They are an expert team who have generated great results for my business.

    Yaniv Zohar, Owner


Locksmiths are a tough category in local SEO and PPC due to the service-area nature of the business. Generally a locksmith comes to you, rather than the buyer visiting the office. This has lead historically to the category being filled with spammy tactics, fake locations, virtual offices with fake Google Maps listings, and more. Beyond that, being a locksmith located in Manhattan is simply an incredibly competitive local category, with hundreds of similar businesses located nearby all serving a dense, complex, lucrative market. It takes strong marketing strategies to compete in this tough landscape.

A further challenge is the large scope of the Paragon business. Paragon doesn’t just do standard consumer locksmith services. They also focus on complex B2B projects like access control systems for large buildings, commercial security services, and more. This meant our marketing strategy had to be focused enough to compete for critical focus keywords, but also broad enough to capture Paragon’s overall business goal.

Primary Goals

Achieve organic visibility for core keywords like “New York Locksmith”

Drive traffic and leads through PPC that convert profitably

Reach new users and create trust and engagement through social media

Grow high-ticket services like camera and security systems

Reach users across New York City, not just a small local radius

Adapt to market challenges including COVID

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  • I worked with Paragon for years, across multiple different aspects of the project. This is true local marketing success story, where over a sustained effort we were able to move from very low visibility to top rankings, a strong social following, and a really efficient PPC effort. Yaniv and team were great partners through this effort, it was not an overnight win but took years of collaboration.

    Alex, VP Paid Media Services, OpenMoves
    Alex, VP Paid Media Services, OpenMoves

The Solution

Our Local SEO Strategy

Strong Technical Foundations. OpenMoves and Paragon were fortunate to partner with Lumina, a web design firm in New York. Working with Lumina, a new website was built for Paragon that was mobile responsive, secure, and very fast.

Rich Content. OpenMoves worked with Paragon to understand the full scope of the Paragon business, and build a website that covered a wide range of products and services. This enabled Paragon to rank and convert customers for much more than just “locksmith” queries.

Local Listings. OpenMoves deployed an aggressive local listings management program for Paragon, including a combination of Yext, MozLocal, BrightLocal, and manual listings management strategies. Careful review of NAP consistency helped Paragon thrive in local rankings, even when they moved to a new office location.

Multi-Channel Marketing. Supporting SEO was a strong social media marketing effort, email marketing campaign, PPC program, and some great business development work from the Paragon team. OpenMoves and Paragon worked together to create a consistent and findable brand across the web.

Our Local PPC Strategy

Layered Geotargeting Strategies. Paragon Security is based in Manhattan, but serves clients across NYC including in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, The Bronx, and more. We realized over time that each major area benefitted from a custom bidding strategy based on results and cost per lead. By layering our geotargeting and bidding strategically at a hyper-local level, we were able to reach a large service area but still focus on the best performing locations.

Dynamic Search Ads. A surprise winner of the Paragon Google Ads strategy was dynamic search ads, which have consistently found low CPC, high converting queries for Paragon. We have developed a number of niche campaign strategies based on keywords surfaced by DSA ads and we continue to see sustained strong performance from this campaign years later.

Niche Keyword Selection and Development. The highly competitive nature of the local locksmith business means that it was not our goal to fight for every broad general paid keyword. Instead, we focused on developing campaigns to reach specific high-intent and high-value searches, such as specific brand names and high-end commercial services.

Strong Landing Pages and Analytics. We have always had a good analytics setup for Paragon including robust call tracking, smooth and effective landing pages, and clear calls to action on the website. We’ve also focused on great mobile usability, since mobile has a huge share of search in this vertical. The strong measurement and great user experience has allowed us to consistently get 10%+ conversion rates on quality PPC traffic.

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