The key to any successful marketing campaign is to get it done.

We meet with hundreds of clients and prospects every year and see many marketing wrecks along the side of the road. Some started and stalled, some ran out of gas and some never made it out of the garage.

We decided early on to make sure that our client’s marketing vehicles keep running. And we also realized that some clients like to just have a working car and drive themselves.  And others would like a chauffeur to drive them around so they can focus on their business during the ride. While others don’t even want to be in the car they just want to get there.

I-do™ – We’ll provide the technology and you do the rest. This applies to email and web marketing. We can design and code the initial templates and train you to update and continue to market on your own.
We-do™ – In addition to the technology and design, we’ll work with you to implement. For example, you give us the content, list, images, keywords, product description and we’ll code, design and deploy. This concept works for email, web, landing pages and SEO.
Honey-do™ – You give us ideas and the target and we take it from there. This can include copy development and design, for email, web, landing pages and search engine campaigns. Just give us the high-level thinking and wait for the money to roll in

You can go back and forth. Start off with an I-do and decide that you need help during the holidays, dial your project manager and we’ll have you sitting in the back seat and while we drive you along the information highway in no time.