Tips and Cheats for Mobile and Desktop Email Design

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Did you know that over 68% of emails are read on a mobile device? If you are using a smartphone, you probably noticed that more and more emails look differently on your phone versus your desktop. This is called responsive …

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Yes, you heard me – I said VOICE SEARCH SEO!

Voice Search SEO


Voice recognition technology is improving. And Google has made huge advances in its ability to understand natural language search. A voice search on Google often results in a dictated direct response. Better that than a bunch of links to more …

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Assisted Conversions – It’s Nice to Contribute!

Assisted Conversion


A lead or an ecommerce order often has many contributing sources over several clicks to the website until the conversion occurs. Which should get the credit for that assisted conversion?

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Case Study: Ranking #1 for one of the Toughest Local Keywords

case study paragon locksmith local SEO

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Case Study: Paragon Security selected OpenMoves to help them rank in cities where they may not be physically located. Now, Paragon holds the #1 local pack rank for “New York Locksmith,” has doubled organic traffic, and is generating qualified and valuable leads for under $25 each from AdWords.s has lead to heavy competition and aggressive, sometimes black-hat SEO for locksmith local searches.

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Switching ESP? Get ready with our one-stop migration checklist

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Feeling ready for the challenge ahead but nervous about what you need to move over and how? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! No matter the scale of your business and the volume of data you handle, it’s always best …

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