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Twitter GlossaryEngaged Twitter communities are NOT built on merely a collection of followers. Instead, they are formed around relationships between like-minded people with shared interests, ideas, values and language. To understand what people are saying and begin building a Twitter community of your own, familiarize yourself with the following Twerminology (Twitter Terminology):

Twitter Basic Terminology:

DM / Direct Message- The Direct Message feature is a private exchange between two users that mutually follow each other. 140 character limit.
Favorite (n.)- A Tweet that you have liked and marked as a favorite
Favorite (v.)- Tapping the star icon to favorite a Tweet that you liked it.
Follow (v.,n.)- A follow is the result of someone following your Twitter account. You can see how many follows (or followers) you have from your Twitter profile.
#Hashtag- A #hashtag is an organic community building technique of inserting a “# “symbol directly in front of  a word in order to make it a searchable category (ex: #openmoves). The “#” symbol turns the word into a searchable link, when clicked you are taken to a stream that includes other posts that include that #hashtag. They are used on Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest to categorize topics, emphasize keywords, news, promotions and trends.
Mention (v., n.)-A mention is any Twitter update that contains “@username” anywhere in the body of the Tweet. Twitter collects these messages, as well as all @replies, in the Mentions tab on the notifications page. If you include more than one person’s name in your Tweet and you use the @username format, all of those people will see the Tweet in their Mentions tab.
Reply (@reply)-A response to another user’s Tweet that begins with the @username of the person you’re replying to is known as a reply. Reply by clicking the “reply” button next to the Tweet you’d like to respond to.
RT / Retweet (v.)- The act of sharing another user’s Tweet to all of your followers by clicking on the retweet button.
Timeline-A timeline is a real-time stream of Tweets. Your Twitter home stream is where you see all the Tweets shared by your friends and other people you follow.
Trends-A Trend is a topic or hashtag determined algorithmically to be one of the most popular on Twitter at that moment.
Tweet (n.)-A Tweet may contain photos, videos, links and up to 140 characters of text.
Tweet (v.)-The act of sending a Tweet. Tweets get shown in Twitter timelines or are embedded in websites and blogs.
Twitter Follow (v.)-Subscribing to a Twitter account is called “following.” By following an account you authorize their tweets to appear in your Twitter home stream.
Twitter Profile Photo-This is the icon that will appear on your Twitter profile as well as next to all of your Tweets.
Twitter Profile-Within your account is your Twitter profile. Your profile (along with your @username) is your company’s identify on Twitter.
Twitter Username-Usernames must be fewer than 15 characters in length. This name will form the URL of your Twitter profile page.
Unfollow (v.)-To no longer follow a Twitter user. (see follow)
URL-A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a web address that points to a unique page on the internet.
URL/Link Shortening- Link shortening is a technique in which a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) may be made substantially shorter in length and still direct to the required page. There are many link shortening tools that can be used like:, bitly or (Hootsuite). Shortening a link saves valuable character space and is more aesthetically pleasing.
UTM Custom Campaign Tracking Parameters- Extra bits of link tracking information attached to a URL that is tracked in Google Analytics. Use a tool like Google URL Builder to build links that have UTM parameters such as:

  • Campaign Source (utm_source) Identifies a search engine, social channel, or other source. Example: utm_source=twitter.
  • Campaign Medium (utm_medium) Identifies a medium such as social or email. Example: utm_medium=social.
  • Campaign Name (utm_campaign)Used for keyword analysis. Identifies a specific product promotion or strategic campaign.
  • Campaign Term (utm_term)Note keywords for this post. Example: utm_term=twerminology+blog 

Additional Twerminology:

Bird-of-mouth: Refers to the use of Twitter to circulate news and information.
Eavestweeting: The act of eavesdropping on other Twitter conversations.
Egotwistical: Slang term used to describe a user who talks about himself on Twitter. It is a combination of the words “egotistical and Twitter.
EmergaTweet: Also known as emergetweet it refers to a tweet sent out during an emergency when 911 is unavailable.
Friendscrapping: Refers to the act of adding all the friend’s friends as their own.
Hivermind: This is a term used to refer to the combined intelligence of all Twitter users.
Neweeter: A slang term used to describe a new tweeter.
TFTF: Thanks for the follow.
TMB: Tweet me back.
Twabstinence: Describes someone who is cutting back on their Twitter time.
Twabulous: A fabulous Tweet.
Twaffic: Twitter traffic.
Twaiting: To tweet while waiting in line or waiting for something to happen.
Twalking: Describe someone who is walking while they tweet, using a mobile device.
Twalking: To tweet while walking.
Twapplication: Twitter applications and Twitter mashups.
Twart: Twitter art.
Twebay: Putting something up for sale on Twitter.
Tweeple / Tweeps: Meaning Twitter people. It is used to refer to or describe Twitter users.
Tweetaholic: The term used to describe someone who has a problematic addiction to Twitter.
Tweeter/ Twitterer: Refers to a person who send tweets on the Twitter service.
Tweetheart: A Twitter sweetheart.
Tweetorial: Tutoring, teaching or lecturing on or about Twitter.
Tweetroduce: Situation in which a user introduces one follower to another.
Tweetsult: Insult sent using Twitter.
Twerminology: Twitter terminology.
Twettiquette: Short for Twitter etiquette. It is a slang term used to describe acceptable Twitter behavior.
Twewbie: Short for Twitter newbie. It is a slang term used to describe someone who is new to Twitter.
Twis: Disrespecting a Twitter user.
Twishing: Twishing is a combination of the words “Twitter and phishing”. It is the act of sending a message to a Twitter user in an attempt to obtain his or her name and password.
Twitosphere: An expression used to describe the “World of Twitter.”
Twittastic: The Twitter version of fantastic.
Twittcrastination: Slang term that refers to using Twitter as a form of procrastination.
Twittectomy: To de-friend or de-follow a person on Twitter.
Twitter-ific: Short for “Twitter” and “terrific”. It is a slang term used to describe something terrific you find on Twitter.
Twitterapps: Short for Twitter applications. It is the phrase used to describe any application that integrates with the twitter service. May also be called Twitter tools.
Twitterati: Refers to ‘A-list’ Twitter users.
Twittercal mass: A critical mass of twitter users for a specific topic or community.
Twitterfly: A social butterfly on Twitter. A Twitterfly uses the @ sign in many messages, showing they have a lot of Twitter friends to talk with or mention in their updates.
Twitterfly: A social butterfly on Twitter.
Twitterject: To interject your thoughts into a stream of conversation.
Twitterpated: Slang term describing the feeling one experiences when messages on Twitter become overwhelming.
Twitterphobe: Someone who is fearful or reluctant to join Twitter.
Twitterphoria: Elation felt when someone you follow decides to follow you back.
Twitterstream: The Twitter timeline. This can be applied to the public timeline, your friends’ timeline or the timeline on a specific topic.
Twitticisms: Witty or funny tweets.
Twittworking: Short for Twitter networking. It is a slang term used to describe Twitterers who use Twitter to network.

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