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Earth Day 2010: Mother Earth Kicks Some Ash

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earth-day-icelandThanks to dans le grand bleu for making his photo available via a Creative Commons license on Flickr!

This week, the earth erupted with an Earth Day PR campaign of its own, with none other than the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland as its spokesman.

Eyjafjallajokull has a special place in my heart. About 25 years ago, I decided to bike around Iceland. And before you ask, I’ll tell you why… it’s round, has a volcano under a glacier and a dirt road around it. So if you like riding off-road bikes, Iceland is the ultimate off-road destination. Iceland is like a geology museum on steroids. It’s a place that constantly reminds you that the earth is a living, breathing thing. It’s hot, powerful, stinky, and always ready to rock and roll.

Iran may or may not get nukes, but Mother Earth has shown she still rules; with a mighty burp, she can shut down all of Europe. And even more interesting, she forced the war machine in Iraq and Afghanistan to take a time out, as the planes that normally ferry soldiers and supplies were grounded. War canceled due to ash: Gotta love it.

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to pause and feel its power and once again feel like a little humble ant? I think the tagline for the Eyjafjallajokull campaign should be: “Earth Day 2010: Let’s kick some ash!” I bet that would get a good open rate all across Europe!

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