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Email. Do Make It Personal – It’s More Than Just Business.

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In the digital marketing world, personalization isn’t a new concept. It’s been a buzzword for years and a lofty “end game” goal. While brands have been dipping their toes, the Covid19 pandemic has made it time to jump in. The world has changed, consumer habits have changed, and companies no longer have the choice.  

Now that we’re collectively visiting brick and mortar stores less frequently – likely a permanent shift – the customer experience must transition to the digital space. Email is the tactic best poised to replace the face-to-face interactions that really help build a brand. 

Email is unique. It’s often how people start (and finish) their day. Never have I heard of someone browsing some good Google ads under the covers or with their morning coffee… actually, our dedicated PPC team might be! The inbox is where companies personally connect with the customer though, on their customer’s schedule. If there was a polite channel of digital marketing – it’s email. 

Like the helpful techie at the Apple store recommending the best device, or the camping enthusiast on REI staff helping you pick the right tent, brand satisfaction often comes from personalized service. These positive, one-on-one interactions can mean the difference between a single purchase and a loyal customer. Loyal customers are repeat customers. And statistics show that repeat customers spend 33% more per order.

How will brands be making it personal in 2022? Leaning heavily on email, according to data. Forbes quotes that nearly half of companies plan to increase their email marketing investment this year. Tactically, they’ll be using email to:

1. Collect Feedback.

Surveys, polls etc. deliver invaluable insight into what your customer wants in terms of content, products, and services. They establish a two-way relationship with your audience and businesses name email as the top customer feedback touchpoint – above website, phone, web chat, and app.

  •  Tip: When designing avenues for feedback, keep it short. An email survey with 3 well-thought-out questions that 30% of recipients answer is better than one with 15 questions and a 5% response rate. Your customer’s time is valuable, like yours.

2. Deliver a Better CX.

Once you’ve collected the information about what your audience wants – put it to use! Gone are the days of snake oil salesmen telling every passerby that their product is “just what they need.” In our ever-connected modern era, people expect a customer experience based on the feedback they’ve given via their purchase history and customer service touchpoints.

  • Tip: Targeted email campaigns, accurate product recommendations, and dynamic web experiences are top ways to personalize the customer experience. Start by sitting down with your IT team, or an experienced agency partner, and taking stock of your current capabilities. Then, make a plan to execute or refine strategy. If your current email platform doesn’t allow for personalization, it’s time to make a switch and play the long game.

3. Improve Customer Loyalty.

This is top of mind for companies in 2022. Those that survived the Covid19 pandemic are looking to keep their hard-earned new and retained customers. ?A McKinsey study showed that 75% of people tried a new brand or method of shopping during the pandemic. Don’t let them slip away!  Ensure your customers know that they’re valued, and that you truly want to connect them with the products best suited for their needs.

  • Tip: Never underestimate the value of a little special treatment like sneak peeks to new products, early access to sales, and a simple “thank you”. Studies show that email campaigns with gratitude language in the subject line garner some of the highest open rates.

If you’re looking for a partner to help you fully leverage email this year, let’s talk.  As the world continues to rapidly change, hats off to email marketing and manners – may they never go out of style.

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