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Is Dynamic Content for You?

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Why Dynamic Content? What if you wanted to send your monthly newsletter and vary the message automatically, depending on who is receiving it? Let’s say you wanted to change the main article or promotion based on the reader being a client or prospect, or by gender, or by industry interest, or by their car preference?

You can achieve this 1:1 email marketing with a feature called dynamic content. Let me try to explain how this works using an example:

Military Auto Source, a Long Island factory-authorized military distributor for Audi, Mazda, Volkswagen, Nissan, Infiniti, Land Rover, Polaris and Victory, wanted their email campaigns to display relevant images and personalized messaging as per a reader’s interest (that is, if they were interested in a VW or a Mazda). With this in mind, OpenMoves recommended applying Dynamic Content – an advanced feature available on all OpenMoves email accounts.

This feature works in conjunction with segmented data files (multiple-field, Excel spreadsheets) to create a campaign layout that includes a dynamic image and corresponding message based on a specific criteria. For dynamic content to produce the required campaign, the contact list would need specific fields in addition to every customer’s email address. For example:

emailname fname lname m-fname m-lname m-email vehicle Jane Smith John Doe Sedan

With this data structure as the backbone, the promotion incorporated design with dynamic elements: @@FEB11MAS@@, @@cartype@@.

The email also closes with a personalized message generated on the fly through list variable functions: %%m-fname%%, %%m-lname%% and %%m-email%%.

This solution rendered 4 different versions of content in one email campaign distributed all at once to a single contact list.











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