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OpenMoves Media Team Welcomes Jewish New Year #5770

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The OM media team headed by Ofer (Videographer) and Ronen (Chief Paddle Officer) like to get out early and go where the only tweets heard come from the birds. Typically, you’ll find them on the water by sunrise looking for a before-work adventure fix. Equipped with a handy KayakCam and granola bars, they head out to catch the tide and by the afternoon Ofer will have posted the daily digital catch on their YouTube channel.

It’s all meant to remind you that another Jewish year has come and gone. And if your world is filled with too many tweets, blogs, emails and phones, take an adventure break and rinse the technology off your mind. We hope that you take the time and reconnect with yourself, your loved ones and the planet.

Here’s to filling year #5770 with adventure!

The OM team.

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