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Case Study: Lead Generation Using Email Marketing

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Improving CommunicationsDr. Rich Atkins has been using email marketing for just over 3 years. Atkins is the Managing Director of Improving Communications. The company emails a weekly newsletter with tips and information on how to improve communication and processes. Topics include Business Writing, Public Speaking, Customer Service, Leadership, and Professional Development.

Atkins explains how he uses email for marketing and business development:

Dr. Rich Atkins Managing Director of Improving Communications

Dr. Rich Atkins

“Each week, I see who clicks on the links in the email. In one instance, I saw that a prospect, John R. of BNY Mellon, had clicked on a few items. John and I had met a few times and discussed some business possibilities, but nothing had come from it. I emailed him to ask how he was doing and mentioned that I ‘had been thinking about him’. John’s response was quick: ‘Funny you should get in touch, Rich. We have a need here for Business Writing training.’ Then he asked if we do that.”

“In fact, Improving Communications offers a terrific Business Writing class. The conversation started, and we booked the training at a BNY Mellon location”.

If Rich hadn’t emailed John “to say hello,” the discussion would never have happened. John may have remained silent. The personal email that followed John’s newsletter clicks prompted him to ask a question. Improving Communications landed a new client and BNY Mellon got the class in they were looking for. A perfect match, facilitated by a smart use of the OpenMoves’ email platform.

Rich uses email marketing to stay top of mind with his constituents and leverages the OpenMoves dashboard to reach out to the people who click on links to services, or have high open rates. “It tells me that they’re flirting with the idea of engaging our services for onsite training or sending people to public classes. By making contact, the relationship is personalized. They have an ‘insider’ who is extending the offer of help to them.”

Improving Communications Hot Prospects

This approach defines the difference between and bigger, more impersonal companies. The giants’ unintended message is: “Buy our product.” By starting with strategic email marketing and building a conversation, Rich is able to use time to his advantage and contact those who have already shown interest. The personal follow-up, offering to answer any questions, sends the message that it’s more than just making a sale. Improving Communications is there to help them navigate the options and select what’s right for them.

Rich Atkins Improving communications

For Rich Atkins, OpenMoves enables him to focus his efforts on the most qualified leads with the detailed analytics reports that has a “Hot Prospect” filter in addition to the typical opens, clicks, and engagement metrics.

How are you using email marketing to grow your lead generation? Let us know in the comments below, or give us a call if you’d like to discuss. Or, best yet, start your free trial today.

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