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Dear PDF: You’ll flip over this…

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Have you ever clicked on a link in your email or Web site and been sent to a PDF page for more information? Hopefully you had the latest Adobe plug-in and some extra time to wait for the PDF doc to load.

PDF brochures and catalogs are “heavy” and cumbersome. You’d probably think twice before sending a 10MB PDF brochure to a prospect as you never know if the email will be delivered, or if the reader will take the time to download it.

In the age of Kindles, iPads and e-books there must be a better way?


Guess what? There is! A new technology can takes your PDF brochures and convert them to a Web-based 3D interactive experience. Your flat PDFs transform into page-turning Flash brochures that enable readers to manipulate your catalog or whitepaper like a real magazine. We call this magic… OpenPages!

The user interface is so intuitive, users start interacting immediately. For example, they can:
• Flip the pages as a book
• Zoom in to read
• Bookmark items of interest
• Search on keywords
• Click on calls to action that are embedded in the document

If you have great PDF brochures or catalogs, you’ll find OpenPages an easy way to:
• Provide a rich and interactive reading experience
• Distribute sales information
• Link calls-to-action from individual pages or products
• Integrate into your email marketing and Web sites to “click and flip”


Check out a few examples from different industries:
• Clothing : women’s clothing catalog from designer Ronen Chen
• Architectural firm Wood & Partners with portfolio examples
• Products: 56 pages of great audio solutions from industry leader Samson
• Technology: Product brochure from technology giant Veeco
• Professional Services: HR Service Brochure provider August Benefits
• White Papers: The Anatomy of an Email white paper

Are you flipping over this or what?

Contact us for a demo today!

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