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Remember Bill

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I knew a guy. Just for a few months while working together, but long enough to call him a friend. We talked about his family, my international traveling (he didn’t do much of that), we worked, kidded around and hung out. We also discussed Israel a lot since it was around the time of so many suicide bombings hitting my country.

He didn’t get how Israelis could live with such a constant threat of terrorism in our lives and expressed how far America felt from it all – and that it felt surreal. His name was Bill Weems and he was plain decent and cool. He was also a passenger on one of the planes steered mercilessly into the twin towers. This piece was made for him. For his family. For everyone who lost someone and anyone who didn’t. To remind us that individual lives, families and friendships were torn apart on 9/11, and the scores of murdered innocents that awful day don’t just make up a meaningless number. Yes, I didn’t know Bill a long time. But I’m glad I met him briefly, I’ll never forget him – and he’ll always be my friend.

I wanted the message to be spread through people…and to do it and remember what happened by highlighting something done in a creative and moving way. But a different way. Credit to Aniboom and Ga for coming up with the initiative, but the social media angle is my personal effort in addition to the animation.

Please test it for yourself on this Facebook “For Bill” page:  You can Click Here and change your profile pictures – to the ones i have there in the photo album. TAG your friends in the many photos and most importantly, change your pic to one of the characters for a few days and SHARE the photo album page so people see it on your news freed. i would also appreciate you just telling your friends about it. People forget the human aspect of 9/11. And that’s why I did this.

My contribution in the above is a part of the 9/11 it’s been 10 years initiative that was organized by Aniboom and Gideon Amichay. I worked with Birdo on the illustrations.

Thanks guys, this one’s for Bill.

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