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How Gurhan Jewelry Hit An All-Time Revenue High in April 2020

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Gurhan is a unique maker of fine jewelry known for reincarnating the use of 24K gold in modern fine jewelry design. Gurhan jewelry is found in luxury retailers across the country, and is available through their ecommerce store

Like most fashion/jewelry brands, April’s retail shutdown due to Coronavirus had a massive impact on sales. Without customers visiting physical stores, sales plummeted. However, Gurhan was able to quickly implement a new promotional strategy though their ecommerce store, which combined with an aggressive PPC, social, and email strategy, pushed ecommerce sales to an all-time high.

How Gurhan Jewelry Hit An All-Time Revenue High in April 2020

In April 2020, ecommerce revenue rose more than 700% month over month for Gurhan! How did they do it? The Gurhan team found the perfect promotional message for April, with the right creative, tone, message and pricing to drive transactions like never before.

April was Gurhan’s “National Month of Hope” promotion, which featured a new stone every day, with a message of healing and empowerment – and a 30% discount. OpenMoves worked with Gurhan to develop a promotional strategy for email marketing, social media marketing, and PPC across all channels.

April: the National Month of Hope

In April, PPC focused on media buying efforts on Facebook/Instagram, Google and Bing, remarketing, and Pinterest. In total, PPC return on ad spend for April exceeded 1,000% thanks to a strong focus on relevant audiences, polished promotional creative, and a great core message.

Overall, Gurhan’s success story is a great example of how brands can move fast and develop winning strategies even during challenging times. The category of fine jewelry, perhaps thought intuitively to suffer during slow economic times, in fact thrived by developing a message that was emotionally connected to current events. Combined with a strong technical implementation of media and marketing strategy, Gurhan was able to drive growth and deliver customer happiness even during a dark month.

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