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Onboarding New OM3 Email Contacts

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Clean ListsYou have an OM3 email marketing account. Your template is on the drawing board. Your content is in development. Hold on… you’re not done…

Before you upload that carefully collected list of contacts, here’s a tidy checklist of seven that will help you through the onboarding process and prepare your new subscribers for their first campaign.

  1. If you have an old email list and you are not sure of its health we recommend running your list through a verification service such as Leadspend. More than 20% of your contact list may contain typos, syntax, domain and other errors as well as non active email addresses and spam traps.
  2. If you are transferring from another email service provider to OM3, be sure to transfer both inactive and active email addresses. Your inactive names include bouncers and unsubscribers. Check with us to confirm how best to manage inactive email addresses.
  3. Review web registration forms that have been collecting subscribers. Confirm they will continue to manage the process correctly.
  4. If not already in place, trigger a welcome campaign that messages new subscribers and invites them to make you a safe-sender (or new contact) and explains the frequency and cadence of your campaigns.
  5. Before you start sending campaigns, assign someone who regularly manages customer relations the task of sifting through the campaign replies. These replies include personal messages, product and service observations, email address changes, unsubscribe requests, and general inquires. Remember, unsubscribe requests in the US must be honored within 10 business days.
  6. Assign someone else, preferably someone who likes to crunch numbers, the responsibility of reviewing campaign metrics. Key performance indicators include open rate and open reach, click and click-to-open rates. Although email service providers provide list hygiene services that automatically remove undeliverables, be attentive to list churn metrics like hard bounces, soft bounces, unsubscribe requests and ISP complaints.
  7. Consider having OpenMoves purchase and DMARC-configure a custom domain, devoted to your email marketing. The domain name can include your brand name, but otherwise clearly identifies its relationship with email. For example:

Need help reviewing your list’s health? Need a cleanup? give us a holler.

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