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Saving and Using Custom Building Blocks

 In Email Marketing, OpenMoves Email System

When using the OM3 editor, you may sometimes have the need to reuse blocks or content in other emails. Did you know with OM3 you can save building blocks and reuse them?

To do this, you want to first build your content inside a one column. Simply drag in a column block and set this to ONE COLUMN. Then add all your other content inside. For example, you might want to add a two column with image on the left and text on the right. Then, drag in the corresponding content and any additional content to the column like buttons or social media links.

Once the block is the way you want it to look, click on the tab that pops up over the top of the one column block and drag it to the left. Once you let go, a pop-up will ask what you want to name the block and then you can save it.

Now, after you’ve saved the block, you can go into any other campaign and add the saved block into the campaign and edit as needed! Simple as that!

This is particularly useful when you’re setting up headers and footers that you may want to use in other campaigns or templates. You can also use this if you have other users and want them to follow a templated block in their campaigns.

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