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Why Bother Sending An eGreeting Card?

 In Email Marketing, Holidays

Why should businesses send greeting cards? For the same reason they invest time and money into many other marketing strategies – to keep in touch with customers and prospects.

With the holiday season coming up, now is a great time to send a friendly e-card to your contacts. Follow these tips to create an e-card your customers will want to read.

Develop your strategy early. Don’t wait until the last minute to determine the type of e-card you want to send. E-cards build relationships with your customers by showing them that you care enough to remember, so a card that’s thrown together won’t cut it.

Give them thanks. People like to be appreciated. By catering to this need, you encourage them to think about the wonderful service and products you provide. If your marketing strategy includes a promotion or giveaway, let your e-card recipients know that because they’re valued customers, they’re automatically entered for the prize, or tell them how to enter. But keep in mind that this a greeting card not a sales pitch, err on the warm and fuzzy side not the $.

Make it count. Your e-card should be memorable, exciting, fun or humorous. Personalize your message for your recipients. This is your chance to be creative and get your message across.

Know your audience. Depending on who you’re sending e-cards to, you may want to divide your email lists into segments, such as current customers, potential customers, past customers, friends and family of customers, and referrals. If you segment your email blast list, consider changing the graphic design to appeal to each group. If you send to everyone, make sure the email blast is generic enough to relate to all groups.

Stay on budget. E-cards are less expensive than sending a physical card, since you save on printing and postage costs. This means you can construct stunning graphics or videos to include with your message, while staying within a reasonable budget.

You can send e-cards for holidays, to give thanks to customers, for birthdays, or just to let your contacts know you’re thinking of them. Instead of sending another boring email, try shaking up your marketing with an e-card.

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