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The Power of Personalization

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All aspects of digital marketing can be effective tools, but their ultimate power is revealed when efforts are integrated. That’s why we’re running this series of case studies on our client ZapMyTax, a Long Island based company which assists homeowners in need of lowering their Real Estate taxes.  Each story shows a different facet of the integrated e-marketing plan we developed and launched for them. We recently wrote about the search engine optimization and pay per click marketing strategy we implemented for them; this week, we’re looking at Zap’s personalized email campaign.

The Challenge:
ZapMyTax wanted to utilize email marketing to promote their services, build a relationship, and to display the recent savings they helped obtain for their clients. They envisioned an e-newsletter, complete with a chart of addresses and total annual savings that was specific to their email recipient’s town. Due to the fact that Zap My Tax’s database contained contacts which covered all of Long Island, the challenge for OpenMoves was to create a dynamic image that would reflect each recipient’s town, thus creating a sense of personalization and one-to-one communication.

The Solution:

OpenMoves utilized an email marketing tool called “Dynamic Content” in which each contact within a database is given a corresponding code; this code tells our system which image to display within the email newsletter. For example, all database contacts which owned a residence in Manorville, NY received this image in their newsletter:

Similarly, all contacts which owned a residence in Mastic, NY saw this image within their newsletter:

The Result:
OpenMoves successfully deployed a demographically-segmented email campaign in which each recipient saw the tax savings for their specific town, which powerfully illustrated the savings they could get if they worked with ZapMyTax. As a result of this kind of personalization, ZapMyTax saw a superior open rate compared to their previous “non-segmented” email campaigns; it better reflected their overall branding, made the newsletter more engaging and laid the groundwork for a comprehensive relationship-building strategy.


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