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63% of B2B Marketers Can't Be Wrong!

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Sure, we here at OpenMoves believe it’s important for every successful business – or business that aspires to be successful – to reach out to their customers and prospects with their own e-newsletter. You’d expect us to believe so; we’re in the e-newsletter business.

But when 63% of 1,092 B2B marketers declare that e-newsletters are an important part of their marketing mix, that’s saying something! Articles and social media continue to be the most popular content marketing tactics, they report.

So says a B2B content marketing survey by both the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs that recently got lots of ink in various business publications.

And that 63% grew from 61% in their year-earlier survey.

Some additional impressive stats:

b2b content marketing usage

  • While last year, 55% of marketers found e-newsletters to be an effective content marketing vehicle, this year that number jumped to 60%.
  • Last year, B2B marketers, on average, spent 26% of their budgets on content marketing activities. This year, 60% indicated that they will increase their spending on content marketing in 2012.
  • That’s true not just of the big-budget corporations but also the small- and medium-sized companies. For example, while 79% of the largest companies use articles in their marketing mix, a whopping 85% of medium-sized companies use this tactic.
  • And this year, 62% of respondents reported outsourcing at least a portion of their content marketing activities, a significant boost over last year’s 52%.

So what does all that tell us?

It tells us that, in order to grow business at a time when hurdles exist, marketers will be spending more this year – not less – on strategies in which they have increasing confidence – namely, e-newsletters.

It tells us that marketers are turning more and more to professionals – like OpenMoves – who know the business and who can create e-newsletters that work.

And, as we’ve said over and over and over, it tells us that, if your company’s strength is something other than writing and delivering e-newsletters, you really ought to think about signing up folks whose strength js writing and delivering e-newsletters.

Apparently, lots of B2B marketers out there agree with us.

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