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"Tag" your Campaigns & Links

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While creating campaigns, you’ve probably come across the “tagging” feature and ignored it – but did you know that tagging is a very useful feature for many reasons including segmenting, reporting, feeds and sorting? Here are a few ways to take advantage of it:

Tagging your links with a name and adding it to a link group:

By giving your links a name, you’re able to easily identify what the link is for and by putting them in link groups you can find categorized links easier. You can use link grouping to group various links from all your campaigns together. This benefits your link click reporting and link click segmentation.
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Tagging your campaigns:

Adding a tag or tags to your campaigns allows you to filter your campaigns in reports and listings. For example, tagging appropriate campaigns with ‘Newsletters’ will enable you to filter by it and gain a clear view of how just your newsletters are performing in your account reports.subj

You can also add multiple tags to campaigns in order to then filter by multiple tags in account reports (for instance, tagging with ‘Newsletters’ and ‘Quarterly newsletters’). Learn more …

Using tagged campaigns, links and link groups:

Once your campaigns and links are tagged, you can start using the tagged links and campaigns in segments, reporting and even use it on your website as a feed of the newsletters you’ve sent out!
Segment your list by people who have clicked on any link in a link group:

You can segment on link group clicks, as opposed to just individual and specified link clicks. This is useful for creating segments of people who have clicked at least X times in the last X days, on links that are part of this specific link group. This allows you to focus on contacts who are more active and more interested in these topics.
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Reporting options with links and link groups:

In terms of link click reporting, link groups allows you to filter by a group of links at the foot of a campaign’s reporting overview page, or in the “Unique user click through” report. This allows you to view contacts who have clicked a specific group of links. Learn more …

Feature tagged campaigns on your website:

You can add your campaigns to your website as feeds. When they’re clicked on, the visitor will be able to view your campaign as if they had clicked a ‘View in browser’ link within your email. Learn more …
Make sure to take advantage of these features. It’s great way to learn what your customers and subscribers are interested in, increase the reach and availability of your campaigns and find out who is more engaged and makes it easy to target these people in future campaigns.

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