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2016 Moo Awards: The Best of Email Marketing Automation

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Last year
our beloved mascot Moo searched the digital range for winners in several categories of email marketing. This year Moo continued her search and also received a few submissions from our readers. There was so much to choose from, that we decided to award the prestigious Moo Award to seven innovative companies that know how to work their brand via email marketing automation. And now we present to you: the lucky 7:

#7 FAB (They owned up to a goof)

If you’re an email marketer may have sent out an email in error at least once. It happens. That’s why this “we goofed” email from FAB caught our attention. FAB took the best approach to owning up to an email goof with some humor and a few cute animals.

2016 Moo Awards

Honesty is the best policy when owning up to an error.


#6 BONOBOS (They make you want to read & click)

Let’s be honest. Most of the emails you receive are probably ignored unless they’re from your boss or your significant other. But if one from BONOBOS should land in your inbox, it’s definitely worth the open. Why? They’ve got animation, cool colors and reasons to click! We’d love to know what their click through rate is, but we can only imagine it’s pretty high.

Easy one-click shopping!

Easy one-click shopping!


#5 ELM (Best way to engage a customer)

Sometimes even close friends may forget your birthday, but ELM will remember and they’ll offer you a surprise too. Who can resist? We love their clever content to advertise sales and promotions. They win the award for best use of an automated birthday/anniversary email.

Click Bait

Irresistible click bait

#4 Steve Alan (Best visuals)

If there ever was a reason for a retail company to have a great email campaign it would be Steve Alan. Their emails are so visually appealing you’d be tempted to shop right from your inbox. They win the Moo Award for designs. Aside from the grilled cow…moohoo ;-(

Delicious Design

Delicious Design


#3 PetSmart (They know how to tug at your heart)

If you’re a pet owner then you already know that your four legged friends are family. PetSmart uses this emotional bond with adorable imagery to tug at your heart. They win the Moo Award emotional sales.

PetSmart gets It: pets are family


 #2 Kate Spade (Make you feel special)

Kate Spade gives you that upscale department store feeling via email. They’re not just communicating at you–they value you as a customer and a person! Aces for Kate Spade! The Moo Award goes to them for keeping the customer number one.

Kate Spade adds a touch of class


#1 JCREW (The “C” stands for Clever, cool, Classic)

Can we single out the “C” in JCREW for a moment? We loved their clever welcome email, their catchy sales promo and the coolest (“wanna” keep scrolling) ice cream email. They deserve the Moo Award because they are JCOOL!


Classic, colorful and friendly

Friendly, colorful and clever



Clever promo for a hot summer day

Clever promo for a hot summer day

The long scroll is the cherry on top

The long scroll is the cherry on top

After a good rest, Moo will be back out there looking for the best in email marketing, but we’d love to hear from you. Send us your favorite automated email. Who knows? Maybe it will be the winner for next year!

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