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5 Tips to Better Your Email Marketing Game

 In Email Marketing, Optimization

What kind of content gets my contacts clicking through? How can I optimize the time customers spend reading newsletters to generate the healthiest ROI?

Here are some tips and latest email marketing best practices that will help you increase your opens and clicks!


When it comes to your email marketing, use emojis to help your campaigns stand out from the crowded inbox. Plus, emojis are now also supported by the majority of email clients, so none of your customers have to miss out on your masterpieces! OpenMoves has a library of Emojis that have been tested and are compatible with most email browsers, so go ahead and Emoji-it-up!


A GIF (which stands for Graphics Interchange Format) displays a series of images to give the appearance of motion. These fun and enticing email elements are instantly eye-catching. Use them to promote a specific product range, animate one of your commonly-used campaign graphics, or create a run of user-generated Instagram posts for your weekly social roundup.

Top tips:

  • Keep the file size down, preferably under 125KB per image.
  • Customers using an unsupported email platform will only see the first frame of your GIF, so choose this wisely to make sure the static image makes sense on its own.


Once in a while, it’s nice to send something totally out of your usual style. Thinking inside the box can kill a campaign’s success before it’s even been opened, so change it up once in a while. Choose a zany subject line that intrigues your recipients, use a bolder and more different colors, fonts, layout, and even a random funny factor that doesn’t go with your brand.

Top tip:

Make sure that your ‘friendly from name’ is recognizable to avoid the risk of your creations being sent straight to spam.


A simple and easy way to get people engaged is to personalize the email. Including their name is the most basic way. Their name can be included in the subject line or in the email itself. Your subject line can say something like: $20 OFF SHOES – JUST FOR YOU, JOHN! or in the email, the headline can say: Hey John, here’s $20 OFF your next purchase!


When it comes to driving engagement, there’s nothing more inviting than personalized, relevant content. Dynamic content isn’t a new phenomenon, but it isn’t as widely used yet, making it a great way to stand out from the crowd. Be creative and use dynamic content to show promotions and images and target customers based on the state they’re in, their interest, birth month, etc.

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