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Essential Best Practices and Tips for Coronavirus Emails

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As the pandemic evolves, our inboxes, social media and all websites we visit are starting to fill up with information and news (both real and fake!) about COVID-19. However, as a business, it’s important to inform your clients/customers and even employees about your business plans and any operational changes as well as what you/your customers can do to help.

We’ve also seen some subtle or not-so-subtle advertising around the topic. In a recent article by Market Land it mentions, “maybe there will be a new shopping category: stress-commerce.” Although we don’t generally condone using this situation to do any major marketing/promotions, we think this is a great time to change and revamp your marketing.

Either way, we all agree that communication is key. Therefore, we’ve compiled some tips and ideas for upcoming emails. In addition, we’ve included some ways your business can help your customers as well as other organizations in need.

  • Send out an email to customers/clients/friends/partners/associates. Here are some things you should include in this email
    • What your company is doing for your employees
    • What your company is doing for your customers
    • Any operational changes
    • Consider sectioning out your email into what you as a business are doing and what your customers can do to help
    • Tips/information
    • Wish the recipient stay safe
    • Include links to CDC, Public health guidelines, etc.
  • You may want to send out an email to employees as well. The email should include similar information you are sending your customers with the addition of:
    • A work plan for the upcoming weeks
    • Safety and working guidelines
    • Emergency contact numbers for business related issues
  • Be ready to respond to upcoming developments and changes and keep your customers and employees updated.
  • Temporarily decrease/pause and review automated emails. Some automated emails may be fine but make sure to review your emails, the wording and photos to ensure that they are sensitive to the current circumstances. Anything with “time is running out…” or “last chance…” may not be the right wording to use during this time.
  • When you’re figuring out what to send… here are a few tones to keep in mind: (“SUPER”)
    • Be Serious – Be thoughtful of people on your subscriber list. People are in various situations where their family may be sick. Making a joke may not be helpful during this time.
    • Be Useful – Make sure the information you’re sending is useful and contains information that people will be interested in.
    • Be Positive – Encourage people and let them know, “This is a challenging situation but we can get through this…”
    • Be Empathetic – This is a WORLDWIDE issue. This is really rare but everyone is feeling the same way, everyone is stressed and the best way is to reassure your customers. “We hear your concerns…”
    • Be Resourceful – Provide helpful resources and information on what you are doing and what your customers can do.

Here are some ways you can help your customers as well as other organizations in need.

For e-commerce

  • Donate a % of orders/revenue to a non-profit to help out during this time
  • Offer 0% interest free monthly payment options for orders
  • Offer free shipping (but make sure to explain that shipping may be delayed)

For other businesses/organizations

  • Offer webinars instead of in-person events
  • Offer “free” resources: online trainings, reading materials, classes, etc.
  • Stay connected with your customers by adjusting your messaging
  • Set up landing pages specifically for coronavirus updates and information
  • Extend due dates

Here are some examples of what other companies are doing:

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