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Signing up to a newsletter should be like walking into a store. Everyone should be welcomed with a big smile, a quick notice about what’s new, and/or maybe even an incentive to stay and look around longer. Your welcome email is the first email that your customers receive from you. It is also a way to thank your customers and begin building a relationship with them; yet too many e-marketers miss this great opportunity.

Some of the best welcome emails are the simplest ones. For example, Adidas simply welcomes the subscriber, quickly tells them in one sentence what they can expect and offers a discount on their next purchase. Including a discount is not required but helps encourage the customer to engage further.

In addition, they keep their branding and colors consistent, including a quick CTA (call-to-action) to “Shop Now”, and at the footer, they make sure to include easy links to other pages on their website as well as how to contact them (Support and Store Finder) and social links.

Welcome Email Set Up

Setting up your welcome email is simple.

(For full instructions, click here.)

  1. Create your welcome email as you normally would a regular email. However, in the “create” page (where you set up the subject line) click on “Campaign settings” on the top right and switch the campaign from a Standard campaign to a Triggered campaign.
  2. Once the campaign is created and ready, navigate to the “My contacts” page and find the address book where your contacts are going into from your sign up form. (If you haven’t set up a sign up form on your website yet, check out this how to.)
  3. Click on the Properties alongside the address book to edit its settings.
  4. Scroll to ‘Join action’ which enables you to select a triggered campaign to be sent automatically whenever a new contact joins this address book. Note that this will only apply to single joins, for example via a signup form or preference centre. It won’t apply for bulk subscriptions, such as a contact import.
  5. Click on the ‘Join action’ dropdown list and choose the welcome email you just created. A scrollable list will appear of all of the triggered campaigns that you’ve created in your account. This list is also searchable. (Alternatively, click on the Explore button to open the side panel and search for a triggered campaign within your folders; you can also view your triggered campaigns via this option before selecting them.)
  6. Once selected, click Save. This will ensure this campaign is automatically sent to every contact when they join the address book.

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There you have it! Once this is done, any subscribers added individually from your website to this address book will now receive a welcome email. Test it out by going to your site and signing up.

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