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Google Keyword Cloud – Another New Visual Analytics Tool

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A while ago, I wrote about a new Google Analytics Visual Flow Tool. Now I want to alert you to yet another excellent, new visual tool in the new version of Google Analytics. This tool is the keyword cloud, or as Google calls it, the “Term Cloud” and it lives in the Traffic Sources section of the new Analytics.

Google Analytics Navigation Menu: Traffic Sources OverviewTo get there you have to open the Traffic Sources menu item and navigate to Search and then Overview as per this graphic.

Once there, be sure you have selected “keywords” next to the “Viewing” options.

Select 'Keyword' option

At this point you should see a keyword report much like the one you may be used to from the old version of Google Analytics – a list of keywords that have generated traffic from which you might be able to determine if there are any meaningful trends taking shape.

Changing 'View' to 'Term Cloud'Now go ahead and change the “View” dropdown box on the right from the default value of “Visits” to “Term Cloud.”

At this point you should see a keyword cloud similar to the ubiquitous tag cloud of the blogosphere! Here’s an example from the Web site:

Google Keyword Cloud

With this wonderful new tool from Google you have an immediate visualization of keyword trends for your site. Pick the date range that interests you to see how the trends may be affected by various seasonal criteria or campaigns, or just to see how they evolve.

Additionally, you can change the “Visits” dropdown above the cloud to something like, “Avg Time on Site” for example, to see which terms lead to longer visits. For example:

Visits Dropdown menu

Experiment with the other options in those dropdowns, with advanced searches and so on. You’ll discover another of Google Analytics hidden riches that can, in turn, help uncover the hidden riches of your own site!

Tell us what new report you are using in Google Analytics or what old one you can no longer find! Share your Google Analytics story in the comments below!

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