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How to Increase Your Open Rate by 50% with the Flick of a Switch

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Is resending an e-newsletter or an e-blast good practice?

The simple answer is YES and it can be as easy as flicking a switch.

Resending an email to those recipients that did not engage with you is a great tactic and will get you results – and the ROI can be amazing. Depending on your business and email marketing strategy you will typically see unique open rates in the range of 10%-30% (let’s say an average of 20% for this discussion). So on a given day 20% of your subscribers are opening your email and engaging, but what about the other 80%? These 80% non-openers are obviously different every time and may not be opening your email for a variety of reasons: Some might just be too busy at that moment, others not excited by the subject line, on a mobile phone on way back to the office, not interested in your service (but too lazy to unsubscribe), etc.… The point is that many of them would have opened the email at another time and maybe with a different subject line and this is where resending shines.

Why Resending Email Works

Based on our experience with our clients (B2B and B2C) we typically see resend results of greater than 50% of the original email. So if the original email had a 20% open rate the resend may be around 10%. That’s terrific because, with almost no additional effort, you just increased your opens and engagement by 50%!

Here are a Few Email Resending Guidelines

  1. Resend to those that did not open or in some cases those that did not click (for example: invitations email)
  2. Resend within 1-5 days after sending the first email. Review your analytics to see when most of your readers drop off the opens and establish a policy.
  3. Resend with a different subject line. This is smart to do for those that noticed the email and subject line. Change it up to be more effective and so as not to sound repetitive.
  4. Establish a resend policy as part of your email marketing strategy and test for results, best timing, and subject lines.

How To Get Started With Email Resending/ReMail

OK, now that you are convinced that resending is good for you, let’s move to the How. If you are using OpenMoves’s OM3 it’s as simple as flicking a switch.

Just before you send your initial email you are asked whether you’d like to resend (or ReMail as we call it in the OM3 Platform), and if so, when and with which subject line. So in seconds you have set up your automated resend campaign and probably increase your open rates by 50%!

To learn more about email resending strategy or how to use this great feature in your platform give us a holler.

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